Fights grease, huh? I like the sound of that! All right, Mr. Sudz, let us do soapy battle! For Rick! Now go! Fight that grease! Mr. Sudz! Why won’t you fight?!
Hawkodile, Kitchen Chaos

Mr. Sudz (tagline “Fights Grease!”) is a brand of dish soap in the Unikingdom. It is first seen in "Kitchen Chaos".



Mr. Sudz bottles are blue with a yellow nozzle. On the bottle is an open-mouthed smiley face and arms, along with oval blush marks. The markings on the bottle have a dark pink bowtie, as well as a light yellow stomach with "Mr. Sudz" in purple, with light blue soap bubble decorations. On an orange starburst label, "Fights Grease" is written in yellow as an advertisement.

A yellow "Lemon Fresh" variant of the product exists as well, as first seen in "R & Arr".


Lemon Fresh Mr Sudz

'Lemon Fresh' Mr. Sudz


  • In "Dinner Apart-y", a bottle of Mr. Sudz is seen in the bathroom of Master Frown and Brock’s apartment. This could imply that Mr. Sudz can also be used as regular body soap, or merely that Master Frown and Brock have foolishly purchased dish soap to bathe with.

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