Master Frown and Brock's Apartment is part of a building in Frowntown. It is where Master Frown and Brock live.



The exterior of the apartment building is a grey concrete building. Various lime green glass windows in various shapes and sizes adorn the front of the building. The rear of the building features a two one-car garages with striped awnings above them. The front of the building has a door that leads to a three-step stoop.


The duo share a one-bedroom, one bathroom apartment. The interior is often poorly maintained. Negativity-themed pictures and posters decorate the living room, and a media unit with a TV and video game console sits in front of the wall opposite the couch.

An archway leads to the kitchen, which features a table, refrigerator, and L-shaped counter with a sink.

Master Frown and Brock's bedroom is located in the back of the unit. Attached to the bedroom is a full bathroom with a bathtub.

Master Frown and Brock cook an omelette in their kitchen




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