Being nice is the best! Today is about fixing problems, but you are the problem!
Unikitty, Fire & Nice

Master Frown is an antagonistic character in Unikitty!. A low-level Doom Lord voiced by Eric Bauza, he is the main villain of the series.

Personality and Traits

Master Frown is a robed humanoid creature of unknown origin. His face is a yellow disc, with thick eyebrows and light yellow sclera. He wears a black hooded robe with a double-tiered navy chevron shape on the collar. When his arms are visible, they are navy rectangular shapes with double-tiered navy stripes on the front.

Other looks

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Hailing from Frowntown, Master Frown is a foil to Unikitty's personality. While Unikitty is all about happiness, Master Frown is all about frowns and negativity.

However, to him, negativity can be something as normal and mundane as drinking the rest of someone else's glass of milk. To him, things in real life that are small issues are treated as the biggest evils he can pull off. However, it's these minor things that make him happy to think he has a chance of putting a damper on Unikitty's parade.[1]

Master Frown works hard to try and please his superior, but it usually ends up looking bad on him - despite this, Master Doom still keeps him around.

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Master Frown is a bad guy, but he’s less focused on destroying Unikingdom and more dedicated to making sure Unikitty has a bad day! He’s a petty, obnoxious Doom Lord – only happy when he’s ruining someone’s day. To spread his bad mood near and far, Master Frown has enlisted the unwilling help of his roommate Brock.

Memorable Quotes

  • "No, you fool! Don’t cha see? Snow Day’s the most miserable day of the year! I gotta see this for myself!" - Master Frown, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Let’s see how Unikitty and those dinguses are doing with all this horrible, icy snow—No, no, no, no!" -Master Frown, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Stop it! I’m not a snowman! I’m Master Frown!" -Master Frown, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "No! I’ll never help your Snow Day! I’ll have no part…No way! This is absolutely the worst thing that’s ever happened to me! No!" -Master Frown, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Pain and misery? Now this is a Snow Day!" -Master Frown, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Master Frown never loses!" -Master Frown, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Yeah! Yes, that’s right! Cheer for me!" -Master Frown, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, maybe I’ve been wrong about Snow Day! Maybe I’ve been wrong about everything! This is wonderful! I’m gonna start over, start living my life with the Spirit of Snow Day!" -Master Frown, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Boo! Lame." -Master Frown, Fire & Nice
  • "Nope, just here to watch! A whole day of people complaining? Sign me up!" -Master Frown, Fire & Nice
  • "I’m doing you a favor! You can’t solve these people’s problems! Being nice is just a corny…pointless…sham!" -Master Frown, Fire & Nice
  • "Totally worth it!" -Master Frown, Fire & Nice
  • "Hmm. Still doing this ridiculous holiday, huh? Well. Let’s see how many problems you can deal with before you blow up again!" -Master Frown, Fire & Nice
  • "You know, maybe I do have some problems you can fix!" -Master Frown, Fire & Nice
  • "Oh, Unikitty! Glad we could agree on something! Can’t wait for the next Problem Fixy Day!" -Master Frown, Fire & Nice
  • "Ow! Hey! Watch where you’re shoo…doo…" -Master Frown, Fire & Nice
  • "Okay, okay. I still have time!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "This’ll ruin everyone’s day!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "It’s gone. It’s gone!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "Whatever! I can’t believe I’m saying this…Unikitty, I need your help. You have to take me to Frowntown!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "What?! No! I’m Master Frown, I don’t do nice things, I do not nice things!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "You smell so bad I wanna barf!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "You…uh…you smell so good that I…don’t wanna barf?" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "Are you kidding me?!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "I’m meeting my boss, Master Doom. Because I’m one of the Doom Lords! And we’re responsible for all the mayhem, pain, and despair in the whole world!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "The epicenter of sadness, the beating heart of gloom in the world! My evil lair!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "Look, we talked about this, man! You can’t offer cookies to my arch nemesis!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "I don’t have time for this! Brock, get your poncho. The big one!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "Why do we start every meeting like this?" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "Hey, I stubbed five toes, thank you! What did you do today?" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "Well, I knocked some ice cream to the ground!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "Of course they’re mean! They’re Doom Lords! That’s what we do!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "Aah! Unikitty! Stop!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "Really? Uh, I mean, that’s what you get when you work with the best!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "Aw, yeah! I’m back! My new cloak is so black! Yes!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "Yeah, right, I planned the whole thing! Totally didn’t need your help at all! Nailed it!" -Master Frown, Stuck Together
  • "That’s right! You haven’t seen the last of me! Master Frown! The greatest Doom Lord of all—" -Master Frown, Stuck Together



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