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Master Alan Frown is the main antagonist of the Unikitty! series and is Unikitty's arch-nemesis. He is voiced by Eric Bauza.

Personality and Traits

Master Frown is a robed humanoid creature of unknown origin. His face is a yellow disc, with thick eyebrows and light yellow sclera. He wears a black hooded robe with a double-tiered navy chevron shape on the collar. When his arms are visible, they are navy rectangular shapes with double-tiered navy stripes on the front.

Other looks

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Hailing from Frowntown, Master Frown is a foil to Unikitty's personality. While Unikitty is all about happiness, Master Frown is all about frowns and negativity.

However, to him, negativity can be something as normal and mundane as drinking the rest of someone else's glass of milk. To him, things in real life that are small issues are treated as the biggest evils he can pull off. However, it's these minor things that make him happy to think he has a chance of putting a damper on Unikitty's parade.[1]

Master Frown works hard to try and please his superior, but it usually ends up looking bad on him - despite this, Master Doom still keeps him around, mainly just to fill in the gap of the evil organization.

Deep down, Master Frown is lonely, and he actually cares for Brock, who has been his only friend, though he prefers concealing his soft spot and behave like a total jerk.


LEGO.com Description

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Master Frown is a bad guy, but he’s less focused on destroying Unikingdom and more dedicated to making sure Unikitty has a bad day! He’s a petty, obnoxious Doom Lord – only happy when he’s ruining someone’s day. To spread his bad mood near and far, Master Frown has enlisted the unwilling help of his roommate Brock.


In Other Languages

  • Arabic: السيد فراون / "Alsyd Farawn" (Mr. Frown)
  • Spanish (Spain): Maestro Disgustado (Master Disgusted)
  • Spanish (Latin America): Master Frown
  • German: Meister Stirnrunzel
  • French: Maître Sourcil (Master Eyebrow)
  • Italian: Signor Frau (Mr. Frau)
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Mestre Sisudo (Master Grim)
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Mestre Frown
  • Russian: Мастер Хмур / "Master Khmur" (Master Gloom)
  • Japanese: マスター・フラウン / "Masutā Furaun"
  • Chinese: 臭臉大師 / "Chòu Liǎn Dàshī" (Smelly Face Master)
  • Korean: 프라운 / "Peulaun" (Frown)
  • Polish : Mistrz Smutas ("Master Sad Guy")


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Master Frown in LEGO form


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