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Master Doom is the overarching/final villain of Unikitty!. She's the leader of the Doom Lords and, by extension, Master Frown's boss.

She is voiced by Grey Griffin.


Master Doom has a teal green head with grey-blue spikes on top.

She wears a black robe with an imposing green and purple collar.

She possesses complete heterochromia of the iris: Her left eye has a light blue iris, and her right eye has a purple one.


True to her namesake, Master Doom is a merciless and heartless tyrant who enjoys bringing doomsday to the world and even the universe, ignoring how the innocent are getting harmed by her diabolical actions. On account of her pure evilness, she also dismisses the concept of friendship, and mistreats her subordinates that she considers as incompetent whenever she is provoked, particularly Master Frown who tends to fail her assigned missions.


  • Master Doom's dialogue is processed so that it sounds as if she speaks with multiple voices at once.
    • In the Japanese-language version of the show, her multiple voices are a combo of both feminine and masculine vocal tones.


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