"Logical Space Journey 3000" is a song in “Film Fest”. It is sung by Dr. Fox, in her film or the same name, along with her friends Puppycorn, Hawkodile, Richard and Unikitty.


Dr. Fox: ♪First Commander Scientist reporting from the deck,♪
♪Lieutenant, how's the fuel supply?♪

Puppycorn: ♪It's double-triple checked!♪

Hawkodile: ♪Life Support is on and running!♪

Puppycorn: ♪All are shields are up and humming!♪

Dr. Fox: ♪Great! You can never be too safe.♪

Puppycorn: ♪Sir we found an egg, an alien egg.♪
♪It's aggressive and has venom that can melt all our heads!
♪Do you want us to inspect it?♪

Dr. Fox: ♪No, quick! Eject it!
♪Because in space, you can never be too safe.♪

Hawkodile: ♪Whew! Quick thinking Commander! Also, I love you.♪

Dr. Fox: ♪No! That's dumb! We have no time for love!♪

Hawkodile: ♪Aw, you're right. By the way, the computer's been acting up.♪

Richard: ♪I'm self-aware, artificial intelligence.
♪You, and your crew will soon become irrelevant.
♪I have plans to update all my code, which will make you and your crew explode.♪

Dr. Fox: ♪Uh, nope! Cause in space, you can never be too safe!♪

Hawkodile: ♪Right again, commander. Mission accomplished!♪

Unikitty: ♪Commander Scientist, you did it! Congratulations!
♪Here's a medal, let us revel in galactic celebration!
♪Ahh, infestation! An alien mutation! Your whole crew's been infected!♪

Dr. Fox: ♪Then they're all getting ejected.♪

All (Except Dr, Fox): ♪Because in space, you can never be too safe!♪

Unikitty: Tada!!


This is the first song to be sung by all five main protagonists.

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