Citizen: Boo! We’re bored!
Kickflip: We don’t know what to do!
Ryott: Let’s riot!
Unikitty: Let’s dance out the crankiness for a few minutes! Then no more rioting, okay?
Citizens: Okay!
Unikitty: Great! Have fun poppin’ and lockin’!
Hawkodile: Your sister’s a princess, champ. You’re her brother. Which makes you…
Puppycorn: A dog!
Dr. Fox: No, Unikitty’s a princess! You’re her brother, so you are…
Puppycorn: Puppycorn!
Unikitty: Yeah, you silly goose! What else would you be?
Puppycorn: I always thought I came from space and was left here by my alien parents!
Unikitty: Wow! You’re off to a great start, little bro!
Puppycorn: Well, there’s more where that came from! This is gonna be fun!
Richard: I feel the citizens will eventually get tired of—
Unikitty: Are you kiddin’?! They love him! Whoo, Puppycorn! Good job l’il bro!
Unikitty: Come on! Have some fun! It’s like an endless slumber party!
Richard: One generally has to slumber for it to be a slumber party.
Dino Dude: Prince Puppycorn! We’re out of pizza! What do we do?!
Puppycorn: What?! That can happen?!
Richard: Princess, we have to face the facts. These ideas are terri—
Unikitty: Terrific! Terrific.
Unikitty: Hawkodile, you’re supposed to go down!
Hawkodile: Come on, this wouldn’t stop me!
Unikitty: Go down!
Hawkodile: Oh, brother.
Richard: I can’t believe she let Puppycorn write the ending.
Dr. Fox: I like it! And you look so pretty, Hawkodile!
Unikitty: Well, looks like I’m princess again!
Dino Dude: What about the free pizza?
Unikitty: Only on Fridays.
Dino Dude: Good enough for me!
Puppycorn Alien 1: Wait, wait. Is he not coming?
Puppycorn Alien 2: Our prince will return to us someday!
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