Life Needs Excitement is a song sung by Evil Richard to bring excitement back to the world.


♪Thrills, action, song and dance♪

♪ Juggle and Dance with your Fancy pants♪

♪ Bust Frenzy , Past the Ball♪

♪Do a Back flip , Make a bird call♪



♪Lets Crank the volume♪

♪Make a Bust♪

♪The Biggest Hov Bov There ever was♪

♪ Bring the Heat and get you Kicks♪

♪Take a Chance Take a Risk♪

♪ Free The animals , Catch a scheme, Reanimated the dead with a laser Beam♪

♪ Meet a Robot and say Hooray♪

♪Make a Entrance and Run Away♪

♪ Keep thing Excited , But not to much♪

♪ Life need Excitement , But Make sure you just add Just Enough

Unikitty! Theme

Season 1

Beautiful Day / Serum Full of Happy Things / I’m Sorry / Snow Day / You Gotta / I Found / Shining Mecha Kitty Turbo V / We Need Each Other / Waffle Town / I’ve Got a Crush / Nature is the Place for Me / Omletta / Science Must Continue / Happy Just Like Me / You're a Cool Guy / Logical Space Journey 3000 / Party On Down / Touch The Night / Laundry Day

Season 2

Asteroid We Miss You / A Perfect Day! / A Very Special Message / The Airplane Safety Song / Everything's the Worst / Groove as One / Pee Pee Dance / Save Money, Go! / Super Love / Today is Valentines / Visit the Unikingdom!

Season 3

Extra, Extra! / Life Needs Excitement

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