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Sun: What an exciting day! Alright, its all yours moon.

Moon: I hate the night shift, its so boring! everyone's asleep.

Unikitty: Well, you're in luck moon, because tonight we have some premiere entertainment just for you! The Nightly-Night Night Time Show with your host, Me! Unikitty! Laaaaaay me in, Hawk!

*The Scene cuts to Hawkodile rapidly beating "Strumming" a guitar*

Hawkodile: Gah! Uunh! Ouh! Ho-Ah!

*The scene cuts back to Unikitty*

Unikitty: Slick intro, Hawkodile!

*The scene cuts back to Hawkodile, with a now dropped guitar*

Hawkodile: Thanks, princess! I have no idea how to play these.

*The scene cuts back to Unikitty*

Unikitty: Well, we got a great show for you, today! You could say that it's- Out of this world! Ha, Hah! I'm looking at you, Moon!

Moon: Woooo! This is my new favorite show!

Unikitty: Thank you, thank you- You're a great audience. Now let me introduce you to my Co-Host- He's witty, he's sweet, he's quick on his feet... OOOOOOOO, PUPPYCORN!

Puppycorn: Heh, hang on sis, I'm watching the funniest show- Heh, this knucklehead thinks he's watching T.V, but he's actually on T.V, he's just watching himself!

Unikitty: You realize that that's actua-

Puppycorn: Heh, what a dope! Hey, now he's copying me... Don't copy me! Stop it- Bark! Bark, bark, bark bark!

Unikitty: Uh, hey, Bro... What do you call a fake noodle?

Puppycorn: Bark! Bark, bark, bark- Huh?

Unikitty: An Impasta! Hah-HAH! Get it?

Puppycorn: Hahah- Oh, I get it, I GET IT! I don't get it.

Unikitty: Hawkodile, wiiind me over to the desk!

*The camera cuts to Hawkodile*

Hawkodile: Oh, uh, what do you want me to play?

*The scene cuts back to Unikitty*

Unikitty: Whatever comes naturally!

*The camera cuts to Hawkodile*

Hawkodile: Rodger that. BOOM! Gah, uunh, boom!

*The camera cuts back to Unikitty*

Unikitty: Great stuff, great stuff. I think that deserves some applause!

*A recording of Unikitty saying "Note to self- Come up with better jokes for the joke time." plays through a radio*

Unikitty: O-Oh- Ahah- Ignore that. C'mon, TURN THIS THING OFF!

*The camera cuts to Hawkodile*

Hawkodile: Hey, you guys better laugh! You hear me?! I SAID LAUGH, UUNH!

Richard: Princess, what are you doing?!

Unikitty: We're putting on a late night show for the Moon- So she doesn't get bored!

Richard: Of course you are. Just... try to keep it down.

Unikitty: Sure thing, Rick- up next, our intern- Brock sees what's going on after hours in the Unikingdom in a segment we call... Night Streets With Brock! Hawk- Play a rock block for our big block rock!

*The camera cuts to Hawkodile*


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