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Unikitty: (...)

Master Frown: Ahhh, oh my knee, I've so much pain.

Unikitty: I'm so so sorry, I didn't see you.

Puppycorn: Sis, you made it, Wow!

Hawkodile: (...)

Brock: Woo, you're okay dude that was nuts.

Master Frown: I'm injured, I'm wrong.

Unikitty: Oh no, I feel terrible, is there anything I can do it to make it up to see you happy again?

Master Frown: Yeah, I'd be real happy, When I see you on Frowntown Court. Hahahaha...

Richard: Actually, seen the act (...).

Master Frown: My court, your court, whatever. Otherway, I'll see you there.

Unikitty: (...)

Master Frown: Ooouh, the pain. It hurt so bad. Where is everybody?.

Brock: Oh yeah.

Master Frown: NO, It's protect my (...).

Hawkodile: (...).

Unikitty: (...).

Master Frown: (...).

Unikitty: Oh, hi Master Frown, what's wrong? this isn't you want it?

Master Frown: No, what I done is a trial.

Unikitty: (...).

Puppycorn: Obviously.

Master Frown: Where's the judge, lawyer, the serious consecuation.

Unikitty: Uhhh right we do need the judge.

Puppycorn: (...)

Master Frown: Brock the lawyer, is this legal?

Brock: Let me check my lawyer book.

Puppycorn: (...)

Brock: Just go up, dude.

Master Frown: Awesome!!, (...).

Puppycorn: Oops, time is up.

Master Frown: (...).

Unikitty: Guys, it's isn't working, Master Frown still mad. Maybe he'll happy again (...).