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"Kitty Court" is the fifteenth episode in the first season of Unikitty!.

It first aired on February 9, 2018.



When Unikitty has an auto accident, Master Frown insists on taking her to court, but the legal system in Unikingdom is not what he imagined. [1]


The episode starts with Unikitty driving down the road and praising her driving skills. Seeing an empty parking spot, she attempts to back into it. However, she's not paying attention as she backs up and ends up hitting Master Frown. Master Frown, screaming about being injured, wants to take Unikitty to Frowntown Court. Unfortunately for him, Richard points out that, since the accident took place in the Unikingdom, the trial would take place in Unikingdom's Court.

When court day comes, Master Frown is hoping for a long, dragged out trial that will make everyone miserable. As this is the Unikingdom, though, the court ends up being more like a giant party. Starting things off is the judge wheel, which results in Puppycorn being chosen as the judge for the trial. While Master Frown tries to state his case, Puppycorn cuts him off by calling for a recess, which has the trial goers adjourn to a playground to play.

When the trial returns from recess, the defense starts calling witnesses to the stand, including Peebee, her cloud car, and the sun. However, they contribute nothing to the case, much to Master Frown's anger and frustration. Master Frown tells Brock, who is serving as his lawyer, to call some of their witnesses. However, Doctor Fox gets hung up on talking about the weather conditions at the time, and Hawkodile talks about a completely unrelated story.

Next up is an "evidence party," where everyone just submits things they like. Unikitty then passes out justice juice smoothies to everyone. By this point, Brock realizes he's done all he can and walks out on Master Frown, causing him to wail that the legal system has failed him. Seeing Master Frown crying, Unikitty decides to cheer him up by becoming his prosecution against herself. Both Master Frown and Richard thinks this is crazy, but Judge Puppycorn allows it.

Unikitty starts playing as a prosecutor, a defense lawyer, a jury member, and herself, and ultimately presents a DVD with video footage of the crime in question. Faced with the evidence, Unikitty pleads guilty, much to Master Frown's delight. Unikitty, however, is happy that Master Frown is happy, which prompts him to try to make Unikitty miserable again by showing the accident again. However, he rewinds too far, and ends up revealing evidence that he had intentionally placed himself in harm's way to fraudulently accuse Unikitty of causing the accident.

Master Frown's plot exposed, Puppycorn declares Unikitty innocent, and Master Frown comfesses to his fraud and begs them to take him to jail just to get away from Unikitty and the crazy court. After Master Frown is taken away, Doctor Fox points out that he'll be all alone in jail. This gives Unikitty the idea to have herself and her friends sent to jail as well so Master Frown wouldn't be alone, much to Master Frown's chagrin.


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  • "Kitty Court" was the first 'Unikitty!' episode to be solo-directed by a woman. (Careen Ingle)
  • All of the items thrown during the 'Evidence Party' are objects from previous episodes, including a Pet Pet and a bottle of Mr. Sudz.
  • This episode shows Unikitty's Cloud Car answering questions under oath (by beeping), implying that it may be capable of independent thought.

Broadcast Information

This episode aired on February 9, 2018 on Cartoon Network in the United States, and received a total of 752,000 viewers.[2]


Kitty Court
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