Kickflip is a skateboard-riding citizen with a generally positive demeanor. Her voice actor is Tara Strong (With the exception of "Little Prince Puppycorn", for which Grey Delisle provided her voice).

Physical Appearance

Kickflip is simply a magenta square with a darker magenta horizontal stripe. She has a light blue triangle on top of her, and uses a green skateboard for transportation. She has light pink sclera and has two eyelashes per eye.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


LEGO Unikitty!


  • Kickflip's name is most likely a reference to the popular skating maneuver of the same name.
  • In "Kickflip McPuppycorn", it reveals that Kickflip had arms and legs before losing them in the Skaterz Stuntz Gamez.
  • Kickflip was a contestant on "Third Degree Love Burns." ("Unikitty News!.")
  • Kickflip sleeps in a racecar bed. ("Tooth Trouble")
  • In the Czech language version of the show, Kickflip has a masculine-sounding voice.[1]
Ice cream pic

Kickflip enjoys an ice cream cone


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