Unikitty: That giant jelly creature is gooshing all over the kingdom! People live there!
Unikitty: She’s exactly like me…but metal!
Hawkodile: Look at the hydraulics on that thing!
Puppycorn: So shiny and chrome!
Richard: Who paid for this?
Richard: Wait, what am I?
Dr. Fox: You’re the appendix! It’s a part that just sits there, and occasionally explodes.
Richard: ...Why?
Richard: But the monster’s defeated. What could you possibly still need this thing for?
Unikitty: We need it for reasons!
Dainty: Oh, jeez. Well, at least I can just drive over this. I’ll just…this will be fine.
Puppycorn: Good work, us!
Hawkodile: Yeah!
Unikitty: Hey, guys, want anything else?
Richard: I want this to end.
Unikitty: That’s not an ice cream, Rick! You goobus!
Unikitty: What?! No way! We’re not leaving! Not now, not ever! Giant robot fun times forever!
Richard: Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.
Unikitty: Do it, Richard!
Theodore: They did it!
Beau: They stopped the giant robot from…itself?
Craig: By itself?
Really Old Edith: Yay?
Richard:Oh, hi. You know, we had a lot of fun today and we also learned a lot about appendixes.
Dr. Fox: A ruptured appendix is no laughing matter.
Richard: If you ever feel extreme abdominal pain, you should talk to a doctor immediately.
Dr. Fox: A doctor like me! Who can then refer you to a different, more suitable doctor, as I am not licensed to practice medicine.
Richard: Remember...
Richard and Dr. Fox: If your appendix is in trouble, see a doctor on the double!
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