Ice Cream is a food seen in Unikitty!.

Like its real world counterpart, ice cream comes in a variety of flavors. It is primarily seen served one scoop at a time in a waffle cone.

It also comes in sandwich form, along with soft-swirl in cake cones.

Known Ice Cream Flavors


  • The characters Herbert Sherbert is a living ice cream cone that serves ice cream.
  • Ice cream is shown being served at cart stands. It is also sold in vending machines and ice cream trucks.
  • In the online game Hyper Quiz, Unikitty asks if you would rather have 'biscuits for breakfast' or 'ice cream for dinner'. If you say 'ice cream', she'll respond "Me too! We have infinity flavours of ice cream in the Unikingdom."
  • In A Rock Friend, Indeed, it's revealed that Unikitty dislikes Candy Corn Crunch ice cream.
Ice cream vendor

Herbert Sherbert

Unikitty Ice Pop

A less-than-pristine Unikitty-shaped Ice Pop

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