"I've Got a Crush" is a song in “Crushing Defeat”. Hawkodile sings it while attempting to deal with his romantic feelings for Dr. Fox.


Hawkodile: Oh, Fox Girl!

I'm being torn apart!

I wish that could tell you

'Bout the storm that's in my heart

Oh, oh, oh

It's like a scorpion

That's fighting off a shark

But not as awesome

It's not as awesome...

I've found a way

But now I'm stumbling in the dark

I tried to punch away my feelings

But you gone and left a mark

Oh, oh, oh

My love's to strong

I can't move on

It's just to hard

You're just so awesome

You're just so cool and awesome!

I've got a crush

I've got a powerful crush!

There's no way to hide it

What I feel inside

I've got a crush

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