"I've Got a Crush" is a song in “Crushing Defeat”. Hawkodile sings it while attempting to deal with his romantic feelings for Dr. Fox.

An instrumental version of this song can be heard at the beginning of Hawkodile's movie in "Film Fest"


Hawkodile: Oh, Fox Girl!

I'm being torn apart!

I wish that could tell you

'Bout the storm that's in my heart

Oh, oh, oh

It's like a scorpion

That's fighting off a shark

But not as awesome

It's not as awesome...

I've found a way

But now I'm stumbling in the dark

I tried to punch away my feelings

But you gone and left a mark

Oh, oh, oh

My love's to strong

I can't move on

It's just to hard

You're just so awesome

You're just so cool and awesome!

I've got a crush

I've got a powerful crush!

There's no way to hide it

What I feel inside

I've got a crush

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