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Dr. Fox: Aren’t you going to stretch, Richard?
Richard: I don’t see the point of this game.
Unikitty: I’m even wearing the hide n’ seek champion medal for the occasion!
Puppycorn: Well…I don’t see it.
Unikitty: That's because it's hidden!
Richard: Princess…
Unikitty: Oh! Sorry! I love you, Richard, but you have a knack for being kinda boring.
Unikitty: You better hide, Richard!
Richard: No. There’s some enchanting paperwork just calling my name right now.
Unikitty: Richard...
Richard: What, you don’t hear it?
Unikitty: Richard!
Hawkodile: I am quiet. I am still. I am hidden.
Unikitty: You are found!
Unikitty: Oh, boy! Still no Puppycorn anywhere!
Puppycorn: Ninja hide!
Unikitty: What’s this? Free snacks?
Puppycorn: So close, sis! But I evade you once again!
Unikitty: Oh, boy! Math! Let’s see! One plus one…oh, it’s so hard!
Dr. Fox: Come on, you know this! It’s so easy!
Unikitty: Gotcha! Good effort, Doc! But I knew you couldn’t resist an unsolved equation!
Dr. Fox: Math, my eternal weakness!
Dr. Fox: Have fun looking for Rick!
Hawkodile: Yeah, good luck, Princess!
Unikitty: I don’t need luck! Time for me to seek like I’ve never seeked before! Sought? Seek-ed? Never mind! I am not giving up!
Dr. Fox: I’ll miss the way he always floated there!
Puppycorn: And told us not to do stuff!
Hawkodile: And just kind of existed!
Unikitty: A ghost!
Richard: I’m not a ghost. I am very much alive.
Unikitty: Wow! You’re so monotone and boring, I never even noticed you! You’re the best hider of all time!
Richard: I don’t know if that’s a compliment.