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"Hide N' Seek" is the eleventh episode in the first season of Unikitty!.

It first aired on January 12, 2018.


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Unikitty is proud to be the reigning champ of Hide N’ Seek Day. But when Unikitty finds everyone in the kingdom except for Richard, she hunts him down at all costs![1]

Cartoon Network

Unikitty is proud to be the reigning champ of Hide N' Seek Day. But when Unikitty finds everyone in the kingdom except for Richard, she hunts him down at all costs. Will Richard continue to elude the Princess at her favorite game, and if so, how?![2]


Unikitty introduces the championship.

During the annual Hide n' Seek Championship, as Dr. Fox’s robots prepare the banner for the contest, Hawkodile instructs the citizens in a stretch to prepare, which some of them fail at doing. While Puppycorn and Dr. Fox prepare, Dr. Fox questions why Richard is not stretching. Richard comments that he does not see the point of the game, as Unikitty explains the rules: the game will end when everyone is found, or when the person that is "it" gives up. As Unikitty is the reigning hide n' seek champion, she is the one that is it, showing off her "hidden" championship medal to Puppycorn. Puppycorn brags that he will be impossible to find this year, as he has a secret ninja hiding technique.

Hide N Seek (18).png

Richard goes up to the front of the citizens to make an announcement, which Unikitty interrupts, unable to hear him because of his monotone voice. After she apologizes and prompts Richard to continue, he does, only to be interrupted by Unikitty falling asleep during his speech. She apologizes, saying that while she loves Richard, he has the tendency to be boring. Continuing his speech, Richard comments that the game is a waste of time. Unikitty insists that the game will be over shortly, because she is really good at finding people. Sending the citizens off to hide, Unikitty prepares to count, only to notice Richard has yet to hide. Insisting that he is too busy to play, Unikitty demands him to hide, which he does nearby, as the princess rapidly counts.

Hide N Seek (21).png

Puppycorn hides himself behind a tree, leaving himself fairly visible. Unikitty spots him first, but playfully pretends that she has yet to find her brother, and heads over to the town, which appears empty. Finding an overturned trashcan, she finds Slobodan hiding inside, who she tags with a sticker to mark as found. Noticing an odd shape in a produce stand, Unikitty finds Q.T.. Heading to a fountain that looks like the Green Mom, Unikitty breaks off the head, revealing her. Flying through the town, Unikitty finds the Penny, FeeBee, and both of the Connected Citizens.

Unikitty finds Hawkodile.

Meanwhile, Hawkodile is hiding out at his treehouse. Using cardboard dummies, a radar searcher, and binoculars, Hawkodile stays alert from Unikitty, who flies into his hiding location. Sneaking one of his dummies onto a jetski to try and lure Unikitty does not work, as Unikitty claims she is too easy to fool like that. Hawkodile then launches one of his dummies on a firework, which appears to work, as Unikitty gives chase. During this, Hawkodile spreads himself with mud and leaves, as he sinks into a mudhole, only for Unikitty to find him, as he "mixed his mud colors wrong".

Hide N Seek (50).png

Before heading to Dr. Fox’s lab, Unikitty sneaks a peek at her brother's hiding spot, where he is now eating potato chips loudly. Unikitty once again pretends not to see Puppycorn, as she takes his bag of chips. In the lab, Dr. Fox is hidden with her Foxhole Cloaking Module, which hides her in an invisible bubble. Unikitty, however, is focused on a simple equation written on a chalkboard. Much to Dr. Fox's frustration, Unikitty purposely gets the equation ridiculously wrong. This eventually exasperates Dr. Fox to the point of leaving her hiding spot, outing her location. Unikitty then realizes she has found everyone but Richard, which she declares will be easy.

Hide N Seek (58).png

Searching in Richard's room, Unikitty tears up the location looking for him, only to be swayed by false clues. Deciding he is not in his room, she checks the broom closet, where he is also not found. Surprised that Richard has proven himself as a worthy hider, Unikitty searches through the living room, oblivious to shapes that appear to look like Richard in the process. Realizing Richard is not in the castle, she looks throughout the kingdom, searching under Rock Guy, bursting through an alleyway's garbage can, and even bursting into a Robot Citizen's bathroom.

Hide N Seek (74).png

Desperate, Unikitty starts to dig up the ground. Dr. Fox and Hawkodile notice this, suggesting that she could just quit, pointing out that there is free cupcakes and juice at the losers' table. While she does want a cupcake, Unikitty is still determined to find Richard. When brownies are placed on the table, Puppycorn quickly gives himself up. As Dr. Fox and Hawkodile bid Unikitty good luck, Unikitty insists that she does not need luck, and forms a plan.

Hide N Seek (82).png

Sending out an alert warning, Unikitty angrily gathers all of the citizens in the square. Making sure there is no one that is hiding Richard, Unikitty demands a role call of every found citizen. Hawkodile and Dr. Fox realize that this is getting out of hand.

Hide N Seek (91).png

Using a list of findings on a bulletin board, Unikitty is starting to go crazy, to the point that she thinks clocks are in cahoots with Richard. Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Hawkodile try to pull her aside, insisting that she should just give up, as it is "just a game". Unikitty insists that she will never give up, willing to head to the ends of the earth to get to him.

Unikitty grows old searching for Richard.

After trekking through multiple locations, Unikitty arrives at the Farthest Away Place in the World. At the edge of a cliff, she sees a shape that resembles Richard. Weak and still insane, she tags "Richard" with a sticker, only for the confetti force to knock the shape off of the cliff, into the sea below.

Hide N Seek (119).png

Heartbroken, Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Hawkodile hold a funeral for "Richard". As Unikitty apologizes for what she has done, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Hawkodile pay their fond remembrances. Singing a mournful song in his honor, Unikitty and the others are terrified when the real Richard appears, thinking he is a ghost. Confused, Richard pulls open the casket, revealing what Unikitty thought was Richard is actually a cinderblock.

Richard is confused about Unikitty believing him dead.

At this point, Unikitty is confused, as she had looked everywhere for Richard. Richard points out that he had always been there, as Unikitty flashes back to previous searching locations, where the shapes that resembled Richard turned out to be Richard, even to the point of his blatantly entering the room. Unikitty realizes Richard's monotone and boring personality has made him so hidden, thus making him the best hider. As Richard contemplates if he should consider that a compliment, Unikitty is more focused on the fact that Richard is alive. She also realizes that since she was unable to find Richard, he is the new "it" of the game. As the others run off, Richard protests that he still does not even want to play the game.


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Background Characters

Broadcast Information

This episode aired on January 12, 2018 on Cartoon Network in the United States, and received a total of 886,000 viewers.[3]




  • Apple & Onion - The produce stand that Q.T. is hiding in for her hiding spot sells only apples and onions, a reference to Apple & Onion, a Cartoon Network show that also debuted in 2018 - the same year as Unikitty!.
  • Inception - Music similar to the film's iconic theme plays when Unikitty searches for Richard.
  • Star Wars - Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Unikitty, in a cloak, finds a fake Richard standing on the edge of a grassy island cliff. This is a direct homage to Rey finding Luke Skywalker on Ahch-To.[4]
  • Daft Punk - Veridis Quo, a song by this French electronic music duo, plays at Richard's funeral.


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