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*Hawkodile's appearances and heavy actions are often paired with a hawk screech. This was replaced with a bird's chirp when he was younger, as seen in “[[Wishing Well]]”.
*Hawkodile's appearances and heavy actions are often paired with a hawk screech. This was replaced with a bird's chirp when he was younger, as seen in “[[Wishing Well]]”.
*Throughout the series we have never seen Hawkodile without his sunglasses.
*Throughout the series we have never seen Hawkodile without his sunglasses.
*[[Roger Craig Smith]], Hawkodile's voice actor, also provides the voice of [[Richard]].
*Hawkodile can voluntarily grow facial hair, as seen in “[[Super Amazing Raft Adventure]].
*Hawkodile can grow facial hair, as seen in “[[Super Amazing Raft Adventure]]”.

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That was amazing! Thanks for watching out for us. You're always there when we need you!
Unikitty, Action Forest

Hawkodile is a main character and protagonist in Unikitty!. Voiced by Roger Craig Smith, he is Unikitty's bodyguard.

Personality and Traits

Hawkodile is a green hawk-crocodile hybrid. He has a dark orange head with a yellow beak that contains teeth. He wears a pair of black sunglasses that morphs with his emotions. He has thick arms with feathers on the shoulders. He wears a pair of red boxing gloves. His belly is ridged, with a slightly lighter green color. He wears a black pair of shorts and has yellow talons for feet. He has a pair of dark orange wings on his back.

Other looks

Main article: Hawkodile/Forms

Despite his rough exterior, Hawkodile has a calm personality. He is not afraid to question issues that face the others, yet is still the muscle and protector of them. He is very deductive, using his brute strength to get to the bottom of situations whenever he needs to.

His one weakness is his inability to admit when he has romantic feelings for someone, preferring to keep his feelings bottled up so tight they literally crush him.


Being a bodyguard, Hawkodile has heavy combat skills, which he constantly hones in during his free time. He also has strong muscle fitness, being able to lift heavy objects. His wings allow him to fly, though he primarily uses them to create high jumps for flying kicks, rather than sustained flight. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

The stone-cold, totally ripped, royal bodyguard to Unikitty is Hawkodile. This hardcore survivalist is all about fighting, punching, training for fighting, and one-liners, but deep, deeeep inside, he has a soft heart and maybe a tiny crush on Dr. Fox. Hawkodile is devoted to his bodyguard responsibilities but he also has many other skills – everything from bass guitar to flamenco dancing!

Memorable Quotes

  • "Got a real bad feeling about this." -Hawkodile, Spoooooky Game
  • "I’m on to you. There’s something weird goin’ on and I’m gonna find out what. Then punching time!" -Hawkodile, Spoooky Game
  • "There’s a deeper game here. What are you plotting, creeper?" -Hawkodile, Spoooooky Game
  • "Gotta warn the others... game over! I’m taking you down!" -Hawkodile, Spoooooky Game
  • "Ow! He really is bursting with happiness." -Hawkodile, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "I’ll stay here. Time for this bodyguard to guard some bodies!" -Hawkodile, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Oh, yeah! Yeah! Bodyguard punch! Bodyguard kick! I feel so alive!" -Hawkodile, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "And I finally got to punch danger in the face." -Hawkodile, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Heh, he’s a fighter. I like him." -Hawkodile, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Initiate protocol Frozen Tundra." -Hawkodile, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Yeah! Ice these punks!" -Hawkodile, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Fly true, snowman." -Hawkodile, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Mmm. Like a fireplace in my guts." -Hawkodile, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Here’s an ice block in case you get warm!" -Hawkodile, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "That killer ant! And this typhoon! And this razor-sharp twig!" -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "All right. Tea party secure." -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "Just doing my job, Princess. Danger could be anywhere. I have to stay vigilant. Watchful at all times, in a constant state of awareness. Prepared for any…" -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "Huh? No! What do you want?" -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "It’s in the past, Eagleator." -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "No! My cool shades!" -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "His name is Eagleator, and he was…my bro." -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "Eat our dust!" -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "He fled, and vowed to return one day for a sweet fight! As for me, I swore to only use my action-hero skills to defend the world from people like Eagleator." -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "Sorry, Princess. Only combat can solve this." -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "Ugh, you’re right. Princess, I would normally never ask this, because of my honor, and also how insanely ill-equipped for battle you are…" -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "Now the only way to beat an action-hero is to become an action-hero. In Action Forest!" -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "You’re talking about the shades?" -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "I’m not gonna beat you. They are!" -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "Yeah, my bad." -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "The only move they’ve never taught us: a hug. Sorry, bro." -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "No, Princess. You were right. Sometime it is time for hugs. But when your bro is a super-evil action fighter who wants to beat up you and all your friends, then it’s time for punches." -Hawkodile, Action Forest
  • "This thing may be out of my weight class." -Hawkodile, Kaiju Kitty
  • Look at the hydraulics on that thing!" -Hawkodile, Kaiju Kitty
  • "And I’m the right arm! Yeah! Hoo-ah!" -Hawkodile, Kaiju Kitty
  • "The best defense is a good offense. Defense." -Hawkodile, Kaiju Kitty
  • "The MechaKitty makes defending the kingdom so easy! I press one button and bam! Power fists!" -Hawkodile, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Yeah, so awesome! Who needs muscles when I can press a button? Punch, punch, punch." -Hawkodile, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Curse these floppy noodles!" -Hawkodile, Kaiju Kitty
  • "On it! Activate! Piston pumps pummeling!" -Hawkodile, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Aww, yeah!" -Hawkodile, Fire & Nice
  • "Hey, dump the punch, get the punch!" -Hawkodile, Fire & Nice
  • "I gotchu!" -Hawkodile, Fire & Nice
  • "That’s the point. You’re the bait." -Hawkodile, Fire & Nice
  • "Here, kitty kitty! Kitty, kitty, kitty! Over here, kitty, kitty, kitty! That’s a good kitty!" -Hawkodile, Fire & Nice
  • "Sorry, slugger, gotta practice fighting in the dark in case the sun disappears." -Hawkodile, Rock Friend
  • "What do you… No! My sweet bis and tris! Nobody look at me!" -Hawkodile, Rock Friend
  • "He’s a safety hazard! With super-toned arms!" -Hawkodile, Rock Friend
  • "Huh?! What did you just say to me?! Say that again to my face! What?! That’s it!" -Hawkodile, Rock Friend
  • "Gotta carbo-load…these fists need power!" -Hawkodile, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Lemme take on those dishes! I’ll punch that grime into pulp!" -Hawkodile, Kitchen Chaos
  • "I dunno. Sounds really boring." -Hawkodile, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Fights grease, huh? I like the sound of that! All right, Mr. Sudz, let us do soapy battle! For Rick!" -Hawkodile, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Mr. Sudz! Why won’t you fight?!" -Hawkodile, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Okay. You’re going to go in there and give it everything you’ve got. You were made for this! Dish toss!" -Hawkodile, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Why are you…why are you still dirty?!" -Hawkodile, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Cleanliness is served." -Hawkodile, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Hey, Frosty Face! Get away from my castle!" -Hawkodile, Crushing Defeat
  • "Yeah…we totally do." - Hawkodile, Crushing Defeat
  • "Bodyguard punch! Bodyguard kick! Bodyguard training!" - Hawkodile, Crushing Defeat
  • "So…many…feelings!" - Hawkodile, Crushing Defeat
  • "Dr. Fox, it’s like you singed my heart with a flamethrower! No one can know how weak you make me feel!" - Hawkodile, Crushing Defeat
  • "Uh, no! Not necessary!" - Hawkodile, Crushing Defeat
  • "Puppycorn, this is different. I like someone, not something." - Hawkodile, Crushing Defeat
  • "I gotta do all this before I even talk to her?" - Hawkodile, Crushing Defeat
  • "I’m requesting a leave of absence. To think my secret alone thoughts…" - Hawkodile, Crushing Defeat
  • "Uh, I came up here to…punch stuff. Or, things. Uh…yeah. I came up here to punch stuff or things." - Hawkodile, Crushing Defeat
  • "How…how do I begin to tell you that beneath my massive chest, there’s a raging battle of emotion! You take my breath away like a flying bicycle kick to the solar plexus. My deadly little mushroom cloud, you exploded my heart and rebuilt me into something new! You and me, together we’d make a great team." - Hawkodile, Crushing Defeat
  • "Strike! Come on, punching bag! Fight back!" -Hawkodile, Wishing Well
  • "I wish I had a sparring partner so I could learn to fight real good!" -Hawkodile, Wishing Well
  • "The sparring partners I always wanted! Yeah! Now this is bodyguard training!" -Hawkodile, Wishing Well
  • "Little wishes, this training is getting a bit too…intense!" -Hawkodile, Wishing Well
  • "Man, that was the most intense training session of my life!" -Hawkodile, Wishing Well
  • "Attention, citizens! We’re about to do some intense hidin’ and seekin’. So make sure your hammies are stretched! And your glutes are flexed!" -Hawkodile, Hide N' Seek
  • "I am quiet. I am still. I am hidden." -Hawkodile, Hide N' Seek
  • "You can always call it quits. They’ve got free juice and cupcakes at the losers’ table." -Hawkodile, Hide N' Seek
  • "Don’t eat that." -Hawkodile, Hide N' Seek
  • "And just kind of existed!" -Hawkodile, Hide N' Seek
  • "That was a close one. Thought I had to crack some skulls back there." -Hawkodile, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Your sister’s a princess, champ. You’re her brother. Which makes you…" -Hawkodile, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "And the music’s still going…" -Hawkodile, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Hey, slugger, we gotta problem! These new bouncy houses keep blowing away!" -Hawkodile, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Princess, you have to stop this." -Hawkodile, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "And Puppycorn’ll be really heartbroken when the riots begin again…" -Hawkodile, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Do we really have to? It’s embarrassing." -Hawkodile, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "It was I, the prince’s evil bride. I poisoned him because I hate pizza and fireworks. And fun." -Hawkodile, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Come on, this wouldn’t stop me!" -Hawkodile, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Ugh, fine. Oh, no! Despite my awesome skills, they’re too much for me! I have been defeated!" -Hawkodile, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "It’s muscle mass! I’m not heavy, I’m dense!" -Hawkodile, Little Prince Puppycorn

Background Information

  • Hawkodile originally had a black belting around his waist, without his shorts' legs. He also had a black neck, instead of the green one he has now.


  • Hawkodile's appearances and heavy actions are often paired with a hawk screech. This was replaced with a bird's chirp when he was younger, as seen in “Wishing Well”.
  • Throughout the series we have never seen Hawkodile without his sunglasses.
  • Hawkodile can voluntarily grow facial hair, as seen in “Super Amazing Raft Adventure”.


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