That was amazing! Thanks for watching out for us. You're always there when we need you!
Unikitty, "Action Forest"

Hawkodile is a main character and protagonist in Unikitty! He is Unikitty's bodyguard, and is voiced by Roger Craig Smith.

Personality and Traits

Hawkodile is a green hawk-crocodile hybrid. He has a dark orange head with a yellow beak that contains teeth. He wears a pair of black sunglasses that morphs with his emotions. He has thick arms with feathers on the shoulders. He wears a pair of red boxing gloves. His belly is ridged, with a slightly lighter green color. He wears a black pair of shorts and has yellow talons for feet. He has a pair of dark orange wings on his back.

Other looks

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Despite his rough exterior, Hawkodile has a calm personality. He is not afraid to question issues that face the others, yet is still the muscle and protector of them. He is very deductive, using his brute strength to get to the bottom of situations whenever he needs to.

His one weakness is his inability to admit when he has romantic feelings for someone, preferring to keep his feelings bottled up so tight they literally crush him.


Being a bodyguard, Hawkodile has heavy combat skills, which he constantly hones in during his free time. He also has strong muscle fitness, being able to lift heavy objects. His wings allow him to fly, though he primarily uses them to create high jumps for flying kicks, rather than sustained flight. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

The stone-cold, totally ripped, royal bodyguard to Unikitty is Hawkodile. This hardcore survivalist is all about fighting, punching, training for fighting, and one-liners, but deep, deeeep inside, he has a soft heart and maybe a tiny crush on Dr. Fox. Hawkodile is devoted to his bodyguard responsibilities but he also has many other skills – everything from bass guitar to flamenco dancing!


  • Hawkodile's name is a portmanteau of 'hawk' and 'crocodile'.
  • An early design of Hawkodile featured a black belt around his waist, instead of shorts. He also had a thin black neck, instead of the thicker green one he has now.
  • Hawkodile's entrances, actions, and poses are often paired with a hawk screech sound effect. In scenes depicting Hawkodile's childhood, the sound effect is replaced with a bird's chirp. ("Wishing Well")
  • Throughout the series, we have never seen Hawkodile without his sunglasses.
  • Despite having a beak, Hawkodile is capable of growing facial hair. ("Super Amazing Raft Adventure")
  • Hawkodile sleeps in traditional onsie-style pajamas. ("Little Prince Puppycorn", "No Sleep Sleepover")
  • Hawkodile wears brief-style underpants ("Batkitty")
  • In "This Spells Disaster", it is revealed that Hawkodile sleeps with a nightlight on.

In Other Languages

  • Spanish: Halcondrilo
  • German: Falkodil
  • Swedish: Hökodil


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LEGO Hawkodile site photo

Hawkodile in LEGO form


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