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Growing Pains is the first episode in the third season of Unikitty!.


Puppycorn is enraged that Unikitty is always helping him and treating him like a little kid. Not wanting to be a "little brother" anymore, he eats some of Dr. Fox's "growing taffy" to literally grow into an adult.


Unikitty and Puppycorn are playing basketball against Hawkodile, Dr. Fox and Richard. Unikitty attempts to shoot a 2-pointer that could help the siblings win, but Puppycorn takes the ball from her, persisting that he can do it himself. After one too many failed tries, Unikitty ends up intervening at the last few seconds, winning the game. Despite complaining about how he could've had it, Puppycorn thanks her big sis anyway. The gang take a "cookie break", but Puppycorn can't seem to reach the top shelf. He tries stacking multiple objects to help, but he loses his balance and falls, with Unikitty catching him before he can hit the ground. The two are then seen playing frisbee together, but the disk hits a tree. Unikitty offers to get it out, but similar to what happened in basketball earlier, Puppycorn insists on trying it himself. His plan involves barking at the tree nonstop to get the "magical flying disk" out. He does this for 3 days. Unikitty, yet again, helps him out by removing the frisbee from the tree. It is at this point her little bro tells her that she doesn't have to watch out for him every time, claiming he's a "big kid" now. Unikitty understands, but tells him that he's her little bro, and that watching out is exactly what big sisters do. Puppycorn then wishes out loud that he was the big one.

In Dr. Fox's lab, the scientist finds out that a black hole is heading toward the planet, but she's interrupted by Puppycorn, who asks her if she has anything in her lab that can help him grow bigger. She gives him a choice of either an extremely painful method of stretching someone, or her "yummy yummy Grow Taffy". Puppycorn picks the latter, and then while showing him to her collection of candies that can alter someone in many ways, Dr. Fox sings a song about how you can do anything with science, and how she needs to find someone willing to eat anything for the sake of science. The song ends, and Puppycorn is given the taffy. He takes a couple bites, starts growing a little bit, and then eats the entire jar.

Meanwhile, Puppycorn's friends are playing another game of basketball. The now-taller Puppycorn shows up which shocks Unikitty and amazes Dr. Fox that the experiment worked. Puppycorn attempts a slam dunk, and succeeds, breaking the hoop in the process. This catches the amazement of the rest of the group. Puppycorn (who is still eating some of the taffy) easily grabs the nourishments during another cookie break. What follows is a compilation of Puppycorn helping his friends with his newfound size. He and Unikitty are playing frisbee again, and just like last time, it hits the same tree. As like last time, Unikitty offers to get it, but Puppycorn insists on getting it himself. Yet he STILL uses the barking method, also like last time, instead of just grabbing it out. Unikitty calls him out on this. Puppycorn responds by saying that he already knew that and that he's not trying to grab it. He rips the entire tree out with his tongue and tries to shake it out, causing him to accidentally destroy a nearby house. Puppycorn apologizes and heads toward there, but Unikitty follows and says that he might be getting a little too big. Her little bro scoffs at this, and says she's just jealous, but Unikitty answers that he's literally getting too big. He then accidentally slips on a car, puncturing a building. As he head toward there to fix it, he steps on another car. After he destroys another house, his horn inadvertently hits a helicopter, and as he shakes that out, the copter hits an airplane. Chaos ensues.

People are running and screaming, buildings are on fire, and Puppycorn is panicking and apologizing with almost every step he takes. Unikitty desperately tries to calm him down so she can help him, but Puppycorn wants to "figure it out himself". Dr. Fox discovers that Puppycorn has eaten so much Grow Taffy, he just can't stop growing. Unikitty, much to Rick's chagrin, decides they should try and use their "Shining-Mecha-Kitty-Turbo V" which Dr. Fox activates using a flute. This plan is a no go, however, as Puppycorn accidentally destroys that, too. Their other plan is to have Unikitty eat the Grow Taffy and grow huge as well. She uses this new size to try and convince Puppycorn to let her help him, but he still persists that he take care of it himself and that he's tired of being the little one. Unikitty peacefully explains that he could've just said something instead of growing huge, and that's she's sorry she wouldn't let him do things himself, as she was afraid that if he was a big kid, she wouldn't have to be the big sister anymore. Puppycorn is touched by this and the two resolve their differences. By this point they're bigger than the entire world.

There's an even bigger problem though. The black hole that was mentioned in the beginning (which Dr. Fox had completely forgot about) is heading closer to the planet. Puppycorn has an idea, but needs to know if Unikitty trusts him. She does, and then he EATS the black hole whole, saving the day. The hole's gravity shrinks them both back to normal size, ending this crazed day. But there's still one more snag: the two are still in space.


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