"Groove As One" is a song that Dr. Fox performs in "Music Videos". It is an 80's-style synth jam about a scientist wanting to create the perfect dance partner.


Dr. Fox: ♪Don't want a friend or romance♪

♪That's not what my hearts set on♪

♪I just want a dance partner♪

♪To dance to my favorite song♪

♪I got the specs down♪

♪But no one fits the build♪

♪Can't dance with robots♪

♪How will these dancer shoes be filled?♪

♪But if the perfect partner cant be found♪

♪I'll make him in a lab deep underground.♪

♪My calculations can't be wrong♪

♪When I dance to my favorite song!♪

♪It goes like♪

♪Come on up, the day is done♪

♪Dance all night and groove as one♪

♪We are diamonds in the sun♪

♪Feel our hearts beat as one♪

♪Come on up and have some fun♪

♪Dance all night and groove as one♪

♪We are living on the run♪

(Dr. Fox plays guitar for a couple seconds)

♪I've jammed and planned, and now♪

♪I'm in the science zone♪

♪I can see it now♪

♪My dance partner will be a modified dancing clone!♪


♪And deep in the smoke, I can finally see♪

♪The only other dancer who dances like me♪

♪A clone, a copy, a facsimile♪

♪With a dancerly physic!♪

(Music continues to play as Dr. Fox and her clone dance)



  • The Vitruvian Man - Dr. Fox sketches a schematic similar in appearance to Leonardo da Vinci's famous drawing.
  • Weird Science - Dr. Fox's Dance Clone is similar in appearance and origin to the 1985 film's character 'Lisa', a tall, curly-haired virtual woman wearing aerobics clothes created using a computer.
  • Dirty Dancing - The Dance Clone lifts Dr. Fox up over her head in a pose reminiscent of the iconic lift from the 1978 romantic drama.
  • Big - Dr. Fox and her Dance Clone dance together on an oversized piano, like in the famous scene from the 1988 Penny Marshall film.


  • According to the song's video credits in "Music Videos", "Groove as One" was produced by "FoxZone Music Group" for the album Songs in the Key of Science.
  • Dr. Fox is shown disintegrating her ukulele from "Lab Cat" with the laser light apparatus she experiments on Unikitty and Puppycorn with.

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