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He’s a scientific nightmare!”
“He’s a safety hazard! With super-toned arms!”
”He’s…he’s…making Puppycorn so happy!
Dr. Fox, Hawkodile and Unikitty

Friend Guy is a monstrous creation of Puppycorn, introduced in "Rock Friend".

Personality and Traits

Friend Guy is a combination of various pieces of Puppycorn's other friends. His body is made of half of Richard's body, his legs are Dr. Fox's legs, which dangle uselessly off of his body, his arms are Hawkodile's, which he uses as his mode of transportation, and his hair is made from Unikitty's tail.

Loyal to a fault, Friend Guy is made to make Puppycorn happy. Being a new creation, he is unable to comprehend good and bad, only what Puppycorn wants. As such, he is not above stealing from others, or even stealing others, to make his creator happy.


First adventures

Rock Friend

Puppycorn introduces Friend Guy.

Created from Puppycorn taking Unikitty's suggestion to "make a friend" literally, Friend Guy was created from parts of Unikitty, Hawkodile, Dr. Fox, and Richard, which Puppycorn claimed made him the perfect friend, since he had pieces of his other friends. While Dr. Fox and Hawkodile were appalled at his creation, Unikitty was happy, because it meant Puppycorn had managed to make a friend. She convinced the others to let Puppycorn use their parts for a while, which they agreed, while Friend Guy and Puppycorn went out to play.

Rock Friend (30).png

In the Unikingdom, Friend Guy and Puppycorn spotted a vending machine that had Puppycorn's favorite flavor of ice cream in it. Seeing that this made Puppycorn happy, he took the vending machine with him. Seeing a video game that Puppycorn liked as well, he did the same. Unfortunately, when Puppycorn found a boombox citizen that Puppycorn liked the music of, Friend Guy also took him along.

Rock Friend (34).png

Throughout the day, Friend Guy collected more and more objects and people that made Puppycorn happy, stacking them onto himself to make a collection. When Unikitty went to check on her brother, Puppycorn showed off Friend Guy's collection, while also revealing the trapped citizens. Unikitty explained that Puppycorn couldn't keep the citizens and items, while also making a promise to spend time with Puppycorn more. Unfortunately, Friend Guy took this as a threat to his best friend status, and set out to attack Unikitty. Catching her with one of his mechanical arms, Unikitty turned into Angry Kitty, breaking free.

Unfortunately, the swaying of the attacks left Puppycorn falling from Friend Guy. Once Unikitty caught him, Friend Guy grabbed the two of them and stuck them on top of them, adding them to his collection. With the sudden arrival of Rock Guy, Friend Guy was tripped and fell, breaking free of all the objects he had stolen, along with all the citizens.



Season 1

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