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I’m unseekable in my Foxhole Cloaking Module!
Dr. Fox, Hide N' Seek

The Foxhole Cloaking Module is an invention of Dr. Fox's, locates in her lab. It first appeared in "Hide N' Seek".



On the outside, the Foxhole Cloaking Module has no appearance. As it is an invisibility device, it mirrors the images around it in a bubble, albiet with a slight ripple effect. It gives enough space for a user to sit in it, along with the module itself. The device can allow for the user to poke out of the machine.

On the inside of the module is its energy device. It has a large switch with a dial next to it. Wavy radar lines and a beaker filled with a liquid are also on the device.


Hide N' Seek

Dr. Fox used the Foxhole Cloaking Module as her hiding spot during the annual Hide N' Seek Championship to avoid Unikitty. The device worked, as Unikitty passed right by the doctor when she was looking for her. However, instead of continuing to search, Unikitty found an unsolved math problem, which she continued to purposefully get wrong with nonsensical answers. Despite Dr. Fox attempting to goad the princess into the proper answer, she eventually had enough. Popping out of her hiding spot in exasperation, she was half-revealed from the cloaking device hiding her legs still, but was found for the sense of the game.



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