Unikitty: Keep it up, guys! We’ve gotta make everything look nice and welcoming!
Richard: Princess, we don’t have to make this a huge deal.
Unikitty: But Rick… I love Problem Fixy Day!
Master Frown: Boo! Lame.
Unikitty: Master Frown? Do you have a problem that needs fixing?
Master Frown: Nope, just here to watch! A whole day of people complaining? Sign me up!
Unikitty: How am I supposed to help anybody when I have all this anger inside?
Unikitty's reflection: But anger is good for you!
Unikitty: No, it’s not!
Unikitty's reflection: Yes, it is!
Unikitty: Nuh-uh!
Unikitty's reflection: Yuh-huh!
Unikitty: No!
Unikitty's reflection: Yeah!
Unikitty: No!
Unikitty: Dr. Fox! I need your help with science!
Dr. Fox: Anything for science!
Dr. Fox: Fascinating. It seem the emotions are not quite completely severed. I’ll have to stay here and monitor this.
Dr. Fox: Mutating nuclei! What a rage spike!
Richard: You look exhausted, Princess.
Unikitty: At least I fixed everyone’s problems!
Master Frown: Not quite!
Unikitty: I don’t understand! I was trying so hard to be nice to everybody!
Dr. Fox: But you weren’t expressing how you really felt! By not releasing your frustration, your rage kept magnifying! Then kaboom! Your rage exacted revenge on everyone who made you mad!
Master Frown: I don’t feel safe here! Help! She’s gonna get me!
Hawkodile: That’s the point. You’re the bait.
Unikitty: Dr. Fox, we’ve made up! It’s time to put us back together, please!
Dr. Fox: I never said I could do that. You’re stuck like this.
Unikitty and Angry Kitty: Oh.
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