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Ugh, I wish I could just get rid of you!”
“You can’t! I’m a part of who you are!”
”But maybe you don’t have to be!
Unikitty and Angry Kitty reflection

"Fire & Nice" is the sixth episode in the first season of Unikitty!.

It first aired on January 1, 2018.


The Fanboy Factor

When Master Frown causes Unikitty to have an angry outburst that gets a little too destructive, she wishes her Rage Kitty side wasn’t part of her anymore. Thanks to a new Dr Fox invention, she gets her wish.[1]

Cartoon Network

When Master Frown causes Unikitty to have an angry outburst that gets a little too destructive, she wishes her Rage Kitty side wasn't part of her anymore. Thanks to a new Dr Fox invention, she gets her wish: Rage Kitty and Nice Unikitty split apart into two! But with Unikitty now unable to get angry, she learns to bottle up your anger is never a good thing.[2]


Fire &amp; Nice (2)

During the Unikingdom's annual Problem Fixy Day, while Puppycorn, Hawkodile, and Dr Fox decorate the castle, Richard questions why Unikitty needs to make it such a huge deal. She explains that she loves helping the citizens with their problems. Getting her first two citizens, a pair that is connected together, with only one having legs, explains that they never enjoy where they go, Unikitty, after nearly losing her temper, simply switches the places of the two. While Unikitty praises herself on a good start, a voice coming in jeers her work.

This turns out to be Master Frown, who only came to watch people complain. When Unikitty explains that this was a day for her to fix the problems of others, Master Frown insists on helping. Taking on the problems of a bad citizen, a bug citizen, and Craig, he instead makes them feel worse. When Unikitty protests Master Frown's work, he insists he was doing her a favour, as he claims she wouldn't be able to fix their problems, while being nice is simply a corny, pointless sham. This angers Unikitty far enough to not only turn into Angry Kitty but to let her anger burst out of her in a mushroom cloud, with the contact with Master Frown blasting him across the horizon. He then screams about his lack of regrets.

Fire &amp; Nice (4)
Fire &amp; Nice (6)

After calming down, Unikitty is horrified to see the damage her burst of anger has done to the throne room. In sadness, she rushes off to compose herself. At the river, she wonders how she would be able to help anyone with all the anger she had. Her reflection suddenly shifts to Angry Kitty, who insists that anger was a good thing, much to Unikitty's chagrin. When Unikitty wishes she could simply get rid of her anger, something her reflection insists she was unable to do, this gives Unikitty an idea, as she flies back to the castle.

While the others are fixing the throne room back up, Unikitty pulls Dr Fox away for science matters, leaving Puppycorn to stall, which he does by starting an impromptu dance party. In Dr Fox's lab, an Emotional Visualizer is created, a device to contain one of Unikitty's emotions indefinitely. After accidentally landing on the sadness, boredom, and lovestruck sections of Unikitty's personality, she finally reaches the anger side, which is extracted, leaving one of Unikitty's ears on fire. Once Unikitty admits she feels no anger at all, Dr Fox quickly blasts off the flames from her ear. At the same time, Angry Kitty reacts in pain in the exact same spot that Unikitty was burned, showing that they are still somewhat connected. Dr Fox decides to stay in the lab to monitor Angry Kitty, while Unikitty leaves.

Fire &amp; Nice (15)

After having her anger extracted, Unikitty goes back to her throne room to continue Problem Fixy Day, which Master Frown still watching, deciding to cause her to crack again just for the fun of it. The first citizen up is FeeBee, who wants some blue flowers in Flowery Park, as there are only pink ones. While Unikitty tries to explain that pink is her favourite colour, a disguised Master Frown convinces the crowd to agree that all the flowers should be blue. When Richard protests that this would be impossible, Master Frown leads the crowd to boo the princess, while FeeBee continues to ask.

In the lab, Dr Fox notices that the anger levels on Unikitty have slightly spiked. Despite the stress Unikitty is going through, she still agrees to FeeBee, replacing every pink flower with blue ones, a colour FeeBee finds much better. This causes Unikitty's stress to spike more. As Puppycorn leads her back to the castle, Master Frown pops out from his hiding place, surprised that Unikitty didn't explode.

Fire &amp; Nice (19)

Back at the castle, Unikitty helps with Cookie Guy's problem, as he keeps eating the gingerbread house he lives in. Master Frown, once again disguising himself, says that she should just make a new house entirely, something Cookie Guy and the citizens agree on. After hammering her paw and nearly getting crushed by a building, Unikitty still does not blow up, much to the annoyance of Master Frown. During this time, Angry Kitty's levels continue to rise.

For her next problem, Sssnake, Theodore, and Gizmo request the bridge back to their town to be fixed, which a disguised Master Frown yet again warps, this time getting Unikitty to simply carry the three across the gap. Combined with the luggage of the three, this is a struggle for Unikitty, which starts to make Angry Kitty's anger levels grow into critical. Master Frown continues to wonder why Unikitty is not exploding, while also taking every request, something that gives him an idea.

Fire &amp; Nice (22)

Exhausted from all the requests, Unikitty is glad that the day is over. Master Frown walks back in, declaring that he actually did have problems that need fixing, which Unikitty obliges. He proceeds to pour his drink on Unikitty, something Hawkodile threatens back with violence, though Unikitty blocks the blow. Master Frown then decides he wants all of Unikitty's things, which she nervously accepts, even as he purposefully breaks them. Finally, he wants Unikitty to admit that being nice is pointless, something she does with much regret. All of these things finally cause Angry Kitty to grow to monstrous levels of anger, breaking free of her containment. As Master Frown leaves, eager for next year, Dr Fox warns the others of Angry Kitty's escape while they hear a cry for help coming from FeeBee.

They find the Flowery Park burned down, with FeeBee embedded into the ground, where she tearfully admits pink is better than blue. Another cry alerts them to Cookie Guy, who was forced to eat his entire house. Finally, cries for help from Sssnake, Theodore, and Gizmo lead them to find the three being stretched out to make a bridge. Once Hawkodile saves them, the others try to figure out what is going on since Unikitty was so nice that day. Dr Fox realizes that Unikitty had bottled up her anger the entire day, causing Angry Kitty to take it all and explode, attacking everyone that made her mad.

Fire &amp; Nice (28)

Puppycorn pointed out that not everyone was attacked, as he reveals a hiding Master Frown, who was trying to get away from Angry Kitty, as she had been tearing up the place looking for him. Realizing the opportunity, Master Frown is tied up for bait in the middle of the park for Angry Kitty to find. One Angry Kitty finds him, Dr Fox tries to hit her with a tranquillizer, only for all the shots to miss and embed into Master Frown, knocking him out. Using Plan B, Hawkodile takes out a cat toy to lure Angry Kitty into the open, where Richard locks her into a cage. This only makes her angrier, as she sends out a mushroom cloud to destroy the cage while starting to stalk Puppycorn, Dr Fox, Hawkodile, and Richard.

Fire &amp; Nice (35)

However, Unikitty cuts in front of them. Singing a song, she explains that she knows about Angry Kitty's anger, but she can't allow her to keep destroying the kingdom, as the two have to be together to be whole. Calming and shrinking Angry Kitty down, the two were able to reconcile with each other. However, much to their displeasure when they try to request bringing them back together, Dr Fox says that she is not able to. (it is unknown of how they actually got Unikitty and Angry Kitty got brought back together, due to that Unikitty gets angry in rock friend, which is the next episode.)


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Background Characters

Broadcast Information

This episode aired on January 1, 2018 on Cartoon Network in the United States, and received a total of 640,000 viewers.[3] It also premiered on March 9, 2018 in the United Kingdom.


  • This episode runs longer than standard episodes. As such, the credits play through the final scene on the bottom of the screen.
  • This episode's name is a pun on the phrase "fire and ice".


Whenever there is a quick closeup of Unikitty's emotions on the Emotional Visualizer, Dr. Fox disappears. Dr. Fox reappears whenever she channels Unikitty's emotions. This is repeated until Angry Kitty is formally extricated from Unikitty.

Fire &amp; Nice (9)

Memorable Quotes

Unikitty: Keep it up, guys! We’ve gotta make everything look nice and welcoming!
Richard: Princess, we don’t have to make this a huge deal.
Unikitty: But Rick… I love Problem Fixy Day!
Master Frown: Boo! Lame.
Unikitty: Master Frown? Do you have a problem that needs fixing?
Master Frown: Nope, just here to watch! A whole day of people complaining? Sign me up!
Unikitty: How am I supposed to help anybody when I have all this anger inside?
Unikitty's reflection: But anger is good for you!
Unikitty: No, it’s not!
Unikitty's reflection: Yes, it is!
Unikitty: Nuh-uh!
Unikitty's reflection: Yuh-huh!
Unikitty: No!
Unikitty's reflection: Yeah!
Unikitty: No!
Unikitty: Dr. Fox! I need your help with science!
Dr. Fox: Anything for science!
Dr. Fox: Fascinating. It seem the emotions are not quite completely severed. I’ll have to stay here and monitor this.
Dr. Fox: Mutating nuclei! What a rage spike!
Richard: You look exhausted, Princess.
Unikitty: At least I fixed everyone’s problems!
Master Frown: Not quite!
Unikitty: I don’t understand! I was trying so hard to be nice to everybody!
Dr. Fox: But you weren’t expressing how you really felt! By not releasing your frustration, your rage kept magnifying! Then kaboom! Your rage exacted revenge on everyone who made you mad!
Master Frown: I don’t feel safe here! Help! She’s gonna get me!
Hawkodile: That’s the point. You’re the bait.
Unikitty: Dr. Fox, we’ve made up! It’s time to put us back together, please!
Dr. Fox: I never said I could do that. You’re stuck like this.
Unikitty and Angry Kitty: Oh.


Fire &amp; Nice (1)
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