Feebee is a flower and bumblebee hybrid who runs 'Feebee's Flower Shop', a local flower store. She loves flowers to an almost unhealthy degree, to the point that she often refuses to sell her flowers to customers.

She is voiced by Grey Griffin.

Physical Appearance

Feebee has a triangular yellow and black-striped bee body with two small wings. Her face is a flower with four pink petals. She has two arms that resemble LEGO Lever Antenna pieces, and has an additional Lever Antenna on the back of her head.


Season 1

LEGO Unikitty!

Fun Facts

  • Feebee appears to have a crush on Hawkodile as shown in "Crushing Defeat". The fact that Hawkodile has saved her from various threats could be a reason.
  • In "Fire & Nice", it is revealed that Feebee's favorite color of flower is Blue.
  • Although they appear to be LEGO Lever Antenna pieces, Feebee's hands are actually small fists with fingers, as shown in "Little Prince Puppycorn".
  • According to her commercial in "Unikitty News!", Feebee's Flower Shop is located "right of the 134".

Feebee's Flower Shop

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