The Farthest Away Place in the World is an island location on the very edge of the outskirts surrounding the Unikingdom. Geographically, it is quite a bit northeast of Action Forest.

Unikitty comes here in her search for Richard in an extreme game of hide and seek. Just when she thinks she finds him on the edge of a cliff, he falls off of it.


Hide N Seek (102)

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The exterior of the Farthest Away Place in the World is a craggy island in the middle of the ocean. It is surrounded by sharp rocks with moss covering them, and is tall enough that clouds form around the tallest mountain peak.


On the island proper, there are various trees and valleys. A cliff sits at the very edge of the island, located on the top of a deep gorge that takes a long while to walk across. At the very ledge of the cliff was a random cinderblock with three cement discs on top of it.



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