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*''"Then tell me, [[Hawkodile]]! Are the rumors true? Did you really go soft?"'' -Eagleator, [[Action Forest]]

*''"You know what they say about the past: it always comes back to punch you!"'' -Eagleator, Action Forest

*''"Bro, bro, bro. You really have gone soft."'' -Eagleator, Action Forest

*''"Those shades should be mine!"'' -Eagleator, Action Forest

*''"Of course I’m talking about the shades! Obviously! But I’m surprised you came, bro! How do you expect to beat me if you can’t even see me?"'' -Eagleator, Action Forest

*''"Uh, is something supposed to happen here?"'' -Eagleator, Action Forest

*''"Pathetic! Is that the best you can do, bro? I said I wanted a real fight!"'' -Eagleator, Action Forest

*''"I’m sorry too, bro. It’s been so long, I was too ashamed to admit, but you earned those shades fair and square. I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused. Syke!"'' -Eagleator, Action Forest

*''"You win this time, Hawkodile! But I’ll never rest until those shades are mine!"'' -Eagleator, Action Forest