Season 1

Spoooooky Game

  • "Are you sure you wanna have another game night tonight?" 
  • "Snake skull with legs!" 
  • "I suspect that spooky guy’s up to something. But what?" 
  • "I’m corn!" 

Sparkle Matter Matters

  • "Nobody's turning into a robot." 
  • "Now, let’s see. Through the power of math, I have deduced that Richard is really…boring." 
  • "Oh no! All the sparkle matter is clumping together! The only reason this would happen is if something sticky got into the serum!" 
  • "Oh my goodness! Look at all these sparkle matter samples! This is the best experiment I’ve ever done! Thanks, Unikitty!" 

No Day Like Snow Day

  • "Remarkable! Your love particles and heart waves must have fused into a conscious field and brought him to life!" 
  • "Oh! I’ve got just the thing! I recently discovered the perfect hot cocoa recipe. Two hundred percent milk chocolate, a Fibonacci spiral of whipped cream, and anti-gravity marshmallows that never sink!" 
  • "Oh, silly! Love is no match for the sun!" 
  • "It’s cold enough here that your snow will never melt. Nothing but deep frost and sub-zero temperatures. Forever." 

Action Forest

  • "And so brave!" 
  • "Yeah! That was amazing! So much drama and bromance!"
  • "I’ve got a few moves up my sleeve!" 
  • "I’ll hack into his defenses!" "Hacking in! I’ll disrupt all the systems!" 
  • "Did we learn all the cool action-hero stuff and forget to learn how to fight?!" Kaiju Kitty
  • "Oh, yeah! This is absolutely fantastic! I’ve been specifically preparing for just this situation!" -Dr. Fox, Kaiju Kitty
  • "I’ll operate the left arm! Woot-woot!" 
  • "Come on, everyone! Get in sync!" 
  • "Not to worry! I’m well-armed!" 
  • "Aww, it was just lonely!" 
  • "This was just a test run! There’s so many features I want to add! Like a force field, prism rockets, or a cape!" 
  • "Emergency situation at three o’clock!" 
  • "I haven’t had to move in so long! I don’t even know where the robot ends and I begin!" 
  • "Who’s going to stop this rampaging robot?"
  • "I’m sorry, Unikitty! Shining MechaKitty Turbo V is just too strong! If only there was something to make her explode." "My octane beauty!" 
  • "A doctor like me! Who can then refer you to a different, more suitable doctor, as I am not licensed to practice medicine." 

Fire & Nice

  • "My Emotial Visualizer should be able to tune into any unwanted emotions and contain them indefinitely!" 
  • "Incredible! Every ounce of your rage is now trapped inside there!" 
  • "Fascinating. It seem the emotions are not quite completely severed. I’ll have to stay here and monitor this." 
  • "Mutating nuclei! What a rage spike!"
  • "Rage levels critical!" 
  • "But you weren’t expressing how you really felt! By not releasing your frustration, your rage kept magnifying! Then kaboom! Your rage exacted revenge on everyone who made you mad!" 
  • "I never said I could do that. You’re stuck like this." 

Rock Friend

  • "Uh, little busy right now, Puppycorn. Can you come back later?"
  • "Oh, yeah. I woke up without mine. Good thing I had some spares lying around!"
  • "Puppycorn! Did you steal our parts to make a monster?" 
  • "He’s a scientific nightmare!"
  • "Wait, what about all our body parts?"

Kitchen Chaos

  • "I’ll deal with this later." 
  • "Gimme room! I’m a doctor! Sort of…" 
  • "What’s the matter, Rick? Did you bump your buns?" 
  • "She’s right! I’m prescribing plenty of bedrest! And this super-safe, untested healing ointment!" 
  • "If the fridge needs cleansing, I could always sterilize it!" 
  • "Oh, wow! It’s bigger in here than I thought!" 
  • "Whoa! Mold counts are through the roof! I guess I should start cleaning sector by sector…" 
  • "Oh my gosh! Hold on, I’ll save you!" 
  • "Get away from me you FISH!" 
  • "It’s time to get toasty!" 
  • "The fridge has been cleansed!" 

Crushing Defeat

  • "Hawkodile! Try this!"
  • "We make a pretty good team, don’t we?" 
  • "Who wants more waffles?"
  • "Until you tell your crush how you feel, I believe your symptoms will only get worse!" 
  • "If you want, you can join me in the lab for some one-on-one experiments."
  • "So I said, “not my Bunsen burner, bingleberry”!" 
  • "You appear to be shrinking at an unusually fast rate! We could try a heart transplant!"
  • "I didn’t realize anyone else was up here!" 
  • "Huh…Oh, I know! How about you practice on me?" 
  • "Oh, that’s nice." 

Wishing Well

  • "Huh? Wait! I remember you…" 
  • "A lucky penny is perfect for a wish this big! It never hurts to up your chances!" 
  • "Oh, my goodness! My childhood dream finally came true!" 
  • "I wanted to go to space, but not on the outside of the rocket! I can’t breathe in space!"
  • "Phew! Thanks for saving me from the cold, dark vacuum of space!"
  • "I didn’t think they bent that way!" Hide N' Seek
  • "Aren’t you going to stretch, Richard?"
  • "I’m unseekable in my Foxhole Cloaking Module!"
  • "Come on, you know this! It’s so easy!" 
  • "Aww! But no! That’s not it!" 
  • "Math, my eternal weakness!" 
  • "Ooh! Now they have brownies, too!"
  • "Oh, my, I’m afraid this year’s game is getting out of hand." 
  • "After all, it is just a game."
  • "I’ll miss the way he always floated there!"

Little Prince Puppycorn

  • "This isn’t good! Riot levels are off the charts!" 
  • "Excellent strategy using that dance protocol. Riot levels are at an all-time low!" 
  • "No, Unikitty’s a princess! You’re her brother, so you are…" 
  • "Oh, man. I didn’t get any sleep last night. All those fireworks!" 
  • "Puppycorn! Your roller coaster highway…is fun but you forgot…to build an exit! Oh, I’m gonna be sick!"
  • "But the kingdom’s out of control! And when the citizens realize how bad things are, happiness levels will plummet!" 
  • "Unikitty, the citizens are highly unstable! If Puppycorn steps down, riot levels will explode!" 
  • "I like it! And you look so pretty, Hawkodile!" 
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