The following is a list of Dr. Fox’s different designs seen in Unikitty!.

Corn Cob

Corn dr fox
  • First seen:Spoooooky Game
  • Notable features: Dr. Fox keeps her orange and light orange coloration, only transplanted onto an ear of corn. Her muzzle and glasses also remain on this form.


Camo dr fox
  • First seen: "Sparkle Matter Matters"
  • Notable features: Dr. Fox wears a green camouflage version of her standard lab coat. Her cheeks are smeared with black war paint, one smudge for each side.

Snow Day

Snow day dr fox
  • First seen: "No Day Like Snow Day"
  • Notable features: Dr. Fox's outfit for Snow Day. She wears a purple winter coat instead of her lab coat. She has a purple and green striped scarf around her neck. She wears a purple hat with white trip and a white pompom on top, which cover her ears.

North Pole

North pole dr fox
  • First seen: "No Day Like Snow Day"
  • Notable features: Dr. Fox's outfit she wears in the North Pole. It is a maroon parka that covers her ears. She has two darker maroon buttons on it, along with cream trim around the hood, and she also wears a pair of yellow mittens, along with a pair of black boots.

The Cyber Hacker

Cyber hacker dr fox 2
  • First seen: "Action Forest"
  • Notable features: Dr. Fox's action-hero persona. She wears a black jumpsuit with grey buttons on the front. She has a visor over one of her glasses lenses, and a microphone on her mouth. She wears a pocket laptop watch on her wrist.

Mech Pilot

Mech pilot dr fox
  • First seen: "Kaiju Kitty"
  • Notable features: Dr. Fox's jumpsuit to pilot the Shining Mecha Kitty Turbo V. She wears a blue jumpsuit with a denim blue collar, white and black boots, white and black gloves, and a silver line across with a yellow emblem.


Swimsuit dr fox
  • First seen: "Kaiju Kitty"
  • Notable features: Dr. Fox's swimsuit. She wears a one-piece swimsuit that is striped in light blue and yellow horizontal stripes.


Cyborg dr fox
  • First seen: "Kaiju Kitty"
  • Notable features: Dr. Fox programmed into the Mecha Kitty's mainframe. She still wears her pilot jumpsuit, only with a robotic arm, half of her face replaced with a robotic shell, tubes running through her head, and a green light replacing her eye.

Spider legs

Spider leg dr fox
  • First seen: "Rock Friend"
  • Notable features: With Dr. Fox's original legs used to make Friend Guy, Dr. Fox replaces them with a pair of robotic spider legs that she had in the lab.


Hazmat suit dr fox
  • First seen: "Kitchen Chaos"
  • Notable features: In order to clean the fridge, Dr. Fox dons a yellow HAZMAT suit. The suit squares out her body, causing her to wobble. It has a clear mask on the front, with rounded nubs to cover her ears. A dark yellow rounded zigzag is on the front, along with a red and blue button. She wears black gloves and black boots for this outfit. A shoulder flashlight is located on it as well.


Kid dr fox
  • First seen: "Wishing Well"
  • Second seen: Lab Cat
  • Notable features: Dr. Fox in her childhood. She was much chubbier, with a double chin and buck teeth that she wore braces for. Her standard outfit was a thicker pair of glasses with tape on the bridge, a long-sleeved light blue shirt, and blue overalls.

Found sticker

Found sticker dr fox
  • First seen: "Hide N' Seek"
  • Notable features: Dr. Fox wears a silver found sticker with a pink silhouette of Unikitty's face on her forehead, marking her as out of the hide and seek game.

Space pilot

DrFox spacesuit
  • First seen: "Lab Cat"
  • Notable features: Dr. Fox wears a blue suit with a red-violet neck tie and badges on her chest. She wears a headphone headset on her ears as well.

Happy Horn

DrFox Unikittyhorned
  • First seen: "Too Many Unikittys"
  • Notable features: Dr. Fox is given a brighter color scheme, with pinkish cheeks and a tail in the style of Unikitty's. She only has a single eyelash in this form, with blue eyes and a blue horn with a white holder on her head.

Fabulous Fun Fixing Club outfit

  • First seen: "LandLord Lord"
  • Notable features: Dr. Fox is wearing a bluish-gray shirt with whites at the end of her sleeves where her paws go in, as well as blue-jeans.


Angry dr. fox
  • First Seen:" Delivery Effect"
  • Notable Features: She has yellow filled semi-circle glasses and a spiked tail with more reddish fur.
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