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The following is a list of Dr. Fox’s different designs seen in Unikitty!.

Angry (Happy Horn)

— Dr. Fox
Image First seen Notable features
DrFox Unikittyhorned angry.png
“Too Many Unikitties” Happens when Dr. Fox goes in full anger due to the happy horn. This is also the reason that Unikitty tries to attempt to take their horns off but failed miserably.

Corn Cob

Image First seen Notable features
Corn dr fox.png
Spoooooky Game Dr. Fox keeps her orange and light orange coloration, only transplanted onto an ear of corn. Her muzzle and glasses also remain on this form.


Image First seen Notable features
Camo dr fox.png
Sparkle Matter Matters Dr. Fox wears a green camouflage version of her standard lab coat. Her cheeks are smeared with black war paint, one smudge for each side.

Snow Day

Image First seen Notable features
Snow day dr fox.png
No Day Like Snow Day Dr. Fox's outfit for Snow Day. She wears a purple winter coat instead of her lab coat. She has a purple and green striped scarf around her neck. She wears a purple hat with white trip and a white pompom on top, which cover her ears.

North Pole

Image First seen Notable features
North pole dr fox.png
“No Day Like Snow Day” Dr. Fox's outfit she wears in the North Pole. It is a maroon parka that covers her ears. She has two darker maroon buttons on it, along with cream trim around the hood, and she also wears a pair of yellow mittens, along with a pair of black boots.

The Cyber Hacker

Image First seen Notable features
Cyber hacker dr fox 2.png
Action Forest Dr. Fox's action-hero persona. She wears a black jumpsuit with grey buttons on the front. She has a visor over one of her glasses lenses, and a microphone on her mouth. She wears a pocket laptop watch on her wrist.

Mech Pilot

Image First seen Notable features
Mech pilot dr fox.png
Kaiju Kitty Dr. Fox's jumpsuit to pilot the Shining Mecha Kitty Turbo V. She wears a blue jumpsuit with a denim blue collar, white and black boots, white and black gloves, and a silver line across with a yellow emblem.


Image First seen Second seen Thrid seen Notable features
Swimsuit dr fox.png
Kaiju Kitty Beach Daze Pool Duel Dr. Fox's swimsuit. She wears a one-piece swimsuit that is striped in light blue and yellow horizontal stripes.


Image First seen Second seen Thrid seen Notable features
Cyborg dr fox.png

Dr. Fox cyborg.png
Kaiju Kitty Castles and Kitties Dr. Fox programmed into the Mecha Kitty's mainframe. She still wears her pilot jumpsuit, only with a robotic arm, half of her face replaced with a robotic shell, tubes running through her head, and a green light replsacing her eye.
  • In “Castles and Kitties”,...
  • ?

Spider legs

Image First seen Notable features
Spider leg dr fox.png
Rock Friend With Dr. Fox's original legs used to make Friend Guy, Dr. Fox replaces them with a pair of robotic spider legs that she had in the lab.


Image First seen Second seen Third seen Notable features
Hazmat suit dr fox.png
Kitchen Chaos Beep Sick Day In order to clean the fridge, Dr. Fox dons a yellow HAZMAT suit. The suit squares out her body, causing her to wobble. It has a clear mask on the front, with rounded nubs to cover her ears. A dark yellow rounded zigzag is on the front, along with a red and blue button. She wears black gloves and black boots for this outfit. A shoulder flashlight is located on it as well.


Image First seen Second seen Notable features
Kid dr fox.png
Wishing Well Lab Cat Dr. Fox in her childhood. She was much chubbier, with a double chin and buck teeth that she wore braces for. Her standard outfit was a thicker pair of glasses with tape on the bridge, a long-sleeved light blue shirt, and blue overalls.

Found sticker

Image First seen Notable features
Found sticker dr fox.png
Hide N' Seek Dr. Fox wears a silver found sticker with a pink silhouette of Unikitty's face on her forehead, marking her as out of the hide and seek game.

Space pilot

Image First seen Notable features
DrFox spacesuit.png
Lab Cat Dr. Fox wears a blue suit with a red-violet neck tie and badges on her chest. She wears a headphone headset on her ears as well.

Happy Horn

Image First seen Notable features
Too Many Unikitties Dr. Fox is given a brighter color scheme, with pinkish cheeks, a tooth just like UniKitty/PuppyCorn's, and a tail in the style of Unikitty's. She only has a single eyelash in this form, with blue eyes and a blue horn with a white holder on her head.

Fabulous Fun Fixing Club outfit

Image First seen Notable features
LandLord Lord She wearing a bluish-gray shirt with whites at the end of her sleeves where her paws go in, as well as blue-jeans.


Image First seen Notable features
Angry dr. fox.png
Delivery Effect

Space suit

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Image First seen Notable features
File:Dr. Fox as a Cheerleader.png
Cheerleading She wears a cheerleader outfit with a purple skirt and holds 2 pompoms.
Photo 1652959259337.png
Car Forms