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Dr. Fox is a main character and protagonist in Unikitty!. Voiced by Kate Micucci, she is the Unikingdom‘s resident scientist. She works in a high-tech lab underneath Unikitty’s castle.

Personality and Traits

Dr. Fox is an orange vixen. She has a light orange muzzle with a cream-colored snout and pink nose. She wears a pair of round black glasses over her green eyes. She wears a cream lab coat with a pair of black pants. She has a puffy orange tail tipped with cream coloring.


Dr. Fox’s compass watch.

Sometimes, Dr. Fox is equipped with a ray gun, or a compass watch when lost.

Other looks

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Dr. Fox, fitting of a scientist, is very smart. She takes a logical look into situations, questioning outcomes that she thinks could lead to trouble. Despite this, she is still a kind friend and looks out for others.


Dr. Fox has a very scientific and intelligent mind that she uses to her and her friend’s benefits. Using it, she was able to create small robots to do work for her, as well as a battle mech designed to protect the kingdom. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Resident Unikingdom genius, Dr. Fox is a brainy and brilliant scientist working out of a hi-tech lab deep beneath the castle. Technically, Dr. Fox is Unikitty’s closest voluntary valued colleague…otherwise known as ‘best buds.’ Although she is known for sometimes ignoring danger in the name of “mega science,” Dr. Fox would sacrifice anything for her friends.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Are you sure you wanna have another game night tonight?" Dr. Fox, Spoooooky Game
  • "Big skull with legs!" -Dr. Fox, Spoooooky Game
  • "I suspect that spooky guy’s up to something. But what?" -Dr. Fox, Spoooooky Game
  • "I’m corn!" -Dr. Fox, Spoooooky Game
  • "Nobody's turning into a robot." -Dr. Fox, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Now, let’s see. Through the power of math, I have deduced that Richard is really…boring." -Dr. Fox, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Oh no! All the sparkle matter is clumping together! The only reason this would happen is if something sticky got into the serum!" -Dr. Fox, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Oh my goodness! Look at all these sparkle matter samples! This is the best experiment I’ve ever done! Thanks, Unikitty!" -Dr. Fox, Sparkle Matter Matters
  • "Remarkable! Your love particles and heart waves must have fused into a conscious field and brought him to life!" -Dr. Fox, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Oh! I’ve got just the thing! I recently discovered the perfect hot cocoa recipe. Two hundred percent milk chocolate, a Fibonacci spiral of whipped cream, and anti-gravity marshmallows that never sink!" -Dr. Fox, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Oh, silly! Love is no match for the sun!" -Dr. Fox, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "It’s cold enough here that your snow will never melt. Nothing but deep frost and sub-zero temperatures. Forever." -Dr. Fox, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "And so brave!" -Dr. Fox, Action Forest
  • "Yeah! That was amazing! So much drama and bromance!" -Dr. Fox, Action Forest
  • "I’ve got a few moves up my sleeve!" -Dr. Fox, Action Forest
  • "I’ll hack into his defenses!" -Dr. Fox, Action Forest
  • "Hacking in! I’ll disrupt all the systems!" -Dr. Fox, Action Forest
  • "Did we learn all the cool action-hero stuff and forget to learn how to fight?!" -Dr. Fox, Action Forest
  • "Oh, yeah! This is absolutely fantastic! I’ve been specifically preparing for just this situation!" -Dr. Fox, Kaiju Kitty
  • "I’ll operate the left arm! Woot-woot!" -Dr. Fox, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Come on, everyone! Get in sync!" -Dr. Fox, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Not to worry! I’m well-armed!" -Dr. Fox, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Aww, it was just lonely!" -Dr. Fox, Kaiju Kitty
  • "This was just a test run! There’s so many features I want to add! Like a force field, prism rockets, or a cape!" -Dr. Fox, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Emergency situation at three o’clock!" -Dr. Fox, Kaiju Kitty
  • "I haven’t had to move in so long! I don’t even know where the robot ends and I begin!" -Dr. Fox, Kaiju Kitty
  • "Who’s going to stop this rampaging robot?" -Dr. Fox, Kaiju Kitty
  • "I’m sorry, Unikitty! Shining MechaKitty Turbo V is just too strong! If only there was something to make her explode." -Dr. Fox, Kaiju Kitty
  • "My octane beauty!" -Dr. Fox, Kaiju Kitty
  • "A doctor like me! Who can then refer you to a different, more suitable doctor, as I am not licensed to practice medicine." -Dr. Fox, Kaiju Kitty
  • "My Emotial Visualizer should be able to tune into any unwanted emotions and contain them indefinitely!" -Dr. Fox, Fire & Nice
  • "Incredible! Every ounce of your rage is now trapped inside there!" -Dr. Fox, Fire & Nice
  • "Fascinating. It seem the emotions are not quite completely severed. I’ll have to stay here and monitor this." -Dr. Fox, Fire & Nice
  • "Mutating nuclei! What a rage spike!" -Dr. Fox, Fire & Nice
  • "Rage levels critical!" -Dr. Fox, Fire & Nice
  • "But you weren’t expressing how you really felt! By not releasing your frustration, your rage kept magnifying! Then kaboom! Your rage exacted revenge on everyone who made you mad!" -Dr. Fox, Fire & Nice
  • "I never said I could do that. You’re stuck like this." -Dr. Fox, Fire & Nice
  • "Uh, little busy right now, Puppycorn. Can you come back later?" -Dr. Fox, Rock Friend
  • "Oh, yeah. I woke up without mine. Good thing I had some spares lying around!" -Dr. Fox, Rock Friend
  • "Puppycorn! Did you steal our parts to make a monster?" -Dr. Fox, Rock Friend
  • "He’s a scientific nightmare!" -Dr. Fox, Rock Friend
  • "Wait, what about all our body parts?" -Dr. Fox, Rock Friend
  • "I’ll deal with this later." -Dr. Fox, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Gimme room! I’m a doctor! Sort of…" -Dr. Fox, Kitchen Chaos
  • "What’s the matter, Rick? Did you bump your buns?" -Dr. Fox, Kitchen Chaos
  • "She’s right! I’m prescribing plenty of bedrest! And this super-safe, untested healing ointment!" -Dr. Fox, Kitchen Chaos
  • "If the fridge needs cleansing, I could always sterilize it!" -Dr. Fox, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Oh, wow! It’s bigger in here than I thought!" -Dr. Fox, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Whoa! Mold counts are through the roof! I guess I should start cleaning sector by sector…" -Dr. Fox, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Oh my gosh! Hold on, I’ll save you!" -Dr. Fox, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Get away from me, you fish!" -Dr. Fox, Kitchen Chaos
  • "It’s time to get toasty!" -Dr. Fox, Kitchen Chaos
  • "The fridge has been cleansed!" -Dr. Fox, Kitchen Chaos
  • "Hawkodile! Try this!" -Dr. Fox, Crushing Defeat
  • "We make a pretty good team, don’t we?" -Dr. Fox, Crushing Defeat
  • "Who wants more waffles?" -Dr. Fox, Crushing Defeat
  • "Until you tell your crush how you feel, I believe your symptoms will only get worse!" -Dr. Fox, Crushing Defeat
  • "If you want, you can join me in the lab for some one-on-one experiments." -Dr. Fox, Crushing Defeat
  • "So I said, “not my Bunsen burner, bingleberry”!" -Dr. Fox, Crushing Defeat
  • "You appear to be shrinking at an unusually fast rate! We could try a heart transplant!" -Dr. Fox, Crushing Defeat
  • "I didn’t realize anyone else was up here!" -Dr. Fox, Crushing Defeat
  • "Huh…Oh, I know! How about you practice on me?" -Dr. Fox, Crushing Defeat
  • "Oh, that’s nice." -Dr. Fox, Crushing Defeat
  • "Huh? Wait! I remember you…" -Dr. Fox, Wishing Well
  • "A lucky penny is perfect for a wish this big! It never hurts to up your chances!" -Dr. Fox, Wishing Well
  • "Oh, my goodness! My childhood dream finally came true!" -Dr. Fox, Wishing Well
  • "I wanted to go to space, but not on the outside of the rocket! I can’t breathe in space!" -Dr. Fox, Wishing Well
  • "Phew! Thanks for saving me from the cold, dark vacuum of space!" -Dr. Fox, Wishing Well
  • "I didn’t think they bent that way!" -Dr. Fox, Wishing Well
  • "Aren’t you going to stretch, Richard?" -Dr. Fox, Hide N' Seek
  • "I’m unseekable in my Foxhole Cloaking Module!" -Dr. Fox, Hide N' Seek
  • "Come on, you know this! It’s so easy!" -Dr. Fox, Hide N' Seek
  • "Aww! But no! That’s not it!" -Dr. Fox, Hide N' Seek
  • "Math, my eternal weakness!" -Dr. Fox, Hide N' Seek
  • "Ooh! Now they have brownies, too!" -Dr. Fox, Hide N' Seek
  • "Oh, my, I’m afraid this year’s game is getting out of hand." -Dr. Fox, Hide N' Seek
  • "After all, it is just a game." -Dr. Fox, Hide N' Seek
  • "I’ll miss the way he always floated there!" -Dr. Fox, Hide N' Seek
  • "This isn’t good! Riot levels are off the charts!" -Dr. Fox, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Excellent strategy using that dance protocol. Riot levels are at an all-time low!" -Dr. Fox, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "No, Unikitty’s a princess! You’re her brother, so you are…" -Dr. Fox, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Oh, man. I didn’t get any sleep last night. All those fireworks!" -Dr. Fox, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Puppycorn! Your roller coaster highway…is fun but you forgot…to build an exit! Oh, I’m gonna be sick!" -Dr. Fox, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "But the kingdom’s out of control! And when the citizens realize how bad things are, happiness levels will plummet!" -Dr. Fox, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "Unikitty, the citizens are highly unstable! If Puppycorn steps down, riot levels will explode!" -Dr. Fox, Little Prince Puppycorn
  • "I like it! And you look so pretty, Hawkodile!" -Dr. Fox, Little Prince Puppycorn


  • She is the only animal-based character to not be a hybrid animal. This is confirmed in "P.L.O.T. Device".
  • Despite occasionally practicing medicine, surgery, and/or first aid, it's stated that Dr. Fox has no licensed medical training ('Kitchen Chaos', 'Kaiju Kitty')


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