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Mark 1, Lab Cat

Dr. Fox, the Unikingdom‘s resident scientist, is a main character and protagonist in Unikitty!. She works in a high-tech lab underneath Unikitty's castle.

She is voiced by Kate Micucci.

Personality and Traits

Dr. Fox is an orange vixen. She has a light orange muzzle with a cream-colored snout and pink nose. She wears a pair of round black glasses over her green eyes. She wears a cream lab coat with a pair of black pants. She has a puffy orange tail tipped with cream coloring.


Dr. Fox’s compass watch.

Sometimes, Dr. Fox is equipped with a ray gun, or a compass watch when lost.

Other looks

Main article: Dr. Fox/Forms

Dr. Fox, fitting of a scientist, is very smart. She takes a logical look into situations, questioning outcomes that she thinks could lead to trouble. Despite this, she is still a kind friend and looks out for others.


Dr. Fox has a very scientific and intelligent mind that she uses to her and her friend’s benefits. Using it, she was able to create small robots to do work for her, as well as a battle mech designed to protect the kingdom. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Resident Unikingdom genius, Dr. Fox is a brainy and brilliant scientist working out of a hi-tech lab deep beneath the castle. Technically, Dr. Fox is Unikitty’s closest voluntary valued colleague…otherwise known as ‘best buds.’ Although she is known for sometimes ignoring danger in the name of “mega science,” Dr. Fox would sacrifice anything for her friends.


In Other Languages

  • Arabic: دكتورة فوكس / "Dukturt Fukus"
  • Spanish: Dra. Fox
  • German: Dr. Füchsin 
  • Swedish: Doktor Räv
  • Italian: Dr. Volpe
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Dra. Fox
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Dra. Raposa
  • Korean: 폭스 박사 / "Pogseu Bagsa" (Fox Doctor)
  • Japanese: フォックス博士 / "Fokkusu Hakase"
  • Chinese: 狐狸博士 / "Húlí Bóshì"
  • Polish : Doktor Lisiczka (Dr. Vixen)


LEGO Dr. Fox site photo

Dr. Fox in LEGO form


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