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Quotes from series antagonists, the Doom Lords.

Stuck Together Edit

  • "You…are late! Hmm, what’s going on with you? You look frumpier than usual." - Master Doom
  • "Torment? All you’re in charge of is frowns! Even Master Papercuts spreads more misery than you!" -Master Doom
  • "You may be a crummy Doom Lord, but this is unacceptable! Even for you!" - Master Doom
  • "Whoa-whoa! Okay, okay! Chill!" - Master Doom
  • "Frown, I gotta say, I’m impressed!" - Master Doom
  • "You did kind of destroy the building, though. So instead of firing you, we’re downgrading your cloak to the starter model." - Master Doom
  • "Good. Now this meeting went way long! Don’t be late next time, or else! Master Doom out!" - Master Doom
  • "All right, who wants to split a cab with me?" - Master Doom
  • "Oh, I got the last one!" - Master Pain
  • "Probably just stubbed someone’s toe!" - Master Hazard
  • "I burned down Candy Corn Kingdom!" - Master Hazard,
  • "Oh, good job! You’re a top-notch Doom Lord!" - Master Fear
  • "More like Dumb Lord! Yeah!" - Master Pain
  • "Whoo, papercuts! Ow-ow-ow-ow ow ow!" - Master Papercuts

Ragtag Edit

  • "We were overdue for a corporate retreat. We're gonna work on our synergy!" - Master Doom

Brock: Most Wanted Edit

  • "I raze cities to the ground, incinerate the land with fire, engulf shorelines in the hurricane's raging eye... Oh, and I golf on the weekends." - Master Hazard
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