The Doom Lords are a group of villainous individuals based in a tall building in Frowntown, with the intent of spreading darkness through various means depending on each individual member.

Known Doom Lords

Master Doom

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Master Doom is the leader of the Doom Lords, voiced by Grey DeLisle. She likes to chastise Master Frown about his many failures, and appears to be very menacing to those following her.

Master Frown

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Master Frown is at the lowest level of the Doom Lords, and particularly makes an effort to cause general unhappiness amongst the citizens of the Unikingdom. This makes him an enemy to Princess Unikitty.

Master Papercuts

Stuck Together (135)

Master Papercuts is a member who is mostly the butt of jokes for the other Doom Lords. Master Doom claims that he does a better job than Master Frown. His voice is currently unknown.


Stuck Together (122)

Master Malice, Master Hazard and Master Misery

Stuck Together (143)

Master Fear, Master Pain and Master Plague


Stuck Together

During one of the gathering ceremonies of the Doom Lords, Master Frown was late to the meeting. When he finally arrived, the Doom Lords began with their basic meeting start which started in complete darkness with all of the members looking Master Frown down with angry red eyes. When the lights came back on, Master Doom berated Master Frown for being late, only to quickly notice his different appearance, commenting that he looked "frumpier" than usual.

When Master Frown stated that he had been spending the day making the world completely miserable, Master Hazard snarked that he probably only stubbed someone's toe. Master Frown defended himself, stating he stubbed five toes, and then heckled Master Hazard on what he did. The fire-based Doom Lord stated, his flames burning, that he burnt down Candy Corn Kingdom. Master Frown attempted to retort with the fact he had dropped ice cream onto the ground, while Master Fear and Master Pain taunted him.

Much to the confusion of the other Doom Lords, Master Frown then tucked himself into his hood and seemed to be whispering in it. When Master Frown turned back towards the other Doom Lords, he explained that he had been spreading torment and despair across the lands. Master Doom quickly pointed out that Master Frown's job was to just spread frowns, and that Master Papercuts spread more misery than you. As Master Papercuts botched his introduction, the other Doom Lords continued to laugh at Master Frown.

Master Doom then summoned Master Frown's progress list, stating that he had spent the day "complimenting flowers, kissing boo-boos, and helping an old lady across the street". Realizing this meant Master Frown had spent the day being nice, she quickly questioned him. As Master Frown tried to defend himself, Master Doom declared it was unacceptable, even for a crummy Doom Lord like him, and promptly fired him. While the other Doom Lords taunted Master Frown, Brock's juice box accidentally fell, making it look like Master Frown soiled himself. This caused the Doom Lords to laugh at and mock Master Frown even further.

This also caused Unikitty to grow entirely angry. Master Doom asked in shocked confusion if Master Frown had a cat stuck to his butt, which Unikitty quickly retorted that he was stuck to her butt. This simply caused the Doom Lords to laugh at Master Frown, but it drove Unikitty to her breaking point. Demanding that the others need to be nicer to Master Frown, and that they should be more supportive, Unikitty started to blast out flames, culminating in a flame tornado that sucked up the other Doom Lords.

As soon as Unikitty prepared to square up with Master Doom, the leader quickly got the princess to calm down. While Unikitty and Master Frown apologized for their behavior, Master Doom applauded them. Thinking that Master Frown had did this on purpose, she congratulated him on his work. Although she allowed Master Frown to keep his job, she did admit that he had destroyed the building. As punishment, Master Doom downgraded Master Frown's robes to the starter model (which looked exactly like his original ones). As Master Frown accepted his punishment, Master Doom commented that the meeting had went on for too long. After her and the other Doom Lords quickly threatened Master Frown, she quickly asked another Doom Lord to split a cab fare with her, with Master Pain angrily commenting she got the last one, as the Doom Lords left.


  • Master Plague's bird-like design references that of a plague doctor, who wore bird-like masks to ward off the stench of plague victims.
  • Master Hazard has wings, who look like bat wings.

Memorable Quotes

Master Doom

  • "You…are late! Hmm, what’s going on with you? You look frumpier than usual." -Master Doom, Stuck Together
  • "Torment? All you’re in charge of is frowns! Even Master Papercuts spreads more misery than you!" -Master Doom, Stuck Together
  • "You may be a crummy Doom Lord, but this is unacceptable! Even for you!" -Master Doom, Stuck Together
  • "Whoa-whoa! Okay, okay! Chill!" -Master Doom, Stuck Together
  • "Frown, I gotta say, I’m impressed!" -Master Doom, Stuck Together
  • "You did kind of destroy the building, though. So instead of firing you, we’re downgrading your cloak to the starter model." -Master Doom, Stuck Together
  • "Good. Now this meeting went way long! Don’t be late next time, or else! Master Doom out!" -Master Doom, Stuck Together
  • "All right, who wants to split a cab with me?" -Master Doom, Stuck Together
  • "We were overdue for a corporate retreat. We're gonna work on our synergy!" -Master Doom, Ragtag

Master Hazard

  • "Probably just stubbed someone’s toe!" -Master Hazard, Stuck Together
  • "I burned down Candy Corn Kingdom!" -Master Hazard, Stuck Together

Master Fear

  • "Oh, good job! You’re a top-notch Doom Lord!" -Master Fear, Stuck Together

Master Pain

  • "More like Dumb Lord! Yeah!" -Master Pain, Stuck Together
  • "Oh, I got the last one!" -Master Pain, Stuck Together

Master Papercuts

  • "Whoo, papercuts! Ow-ow-ow-ow ow ow!" -Master Papercuts, Stuck Together


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