Dino Dude is a T-rex on wheels. He speaks with an Australian accent.

He is voiced by Eric Bauza and, in some early episodes, Grey Delisle-Griffin.

Physical Appearance

Dino Dude is lime green with a yellow belly and a single pointy tooth on both his top and bottom jaw. Despite his wheels being on each side of his body, his eyes are only on one side, similar to a flounder. He has yellow sclera and thin black eyebrows.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

LEGO Unikitty!

Wave 1


  • Dino Dude is considered a top-tier skater.
  • Dino Dude is shown selling donuts in "Spoooooky Game".
  • He served on the jury in "Kitty Court".

Dino Dude at the Chili Festival


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