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[Episode starts with citizens walking in the rain in Frowntown]

[Scene cuts to Unikitty and Puppycorn riding their vehicles]

Puppycorn: Sis, why are we in Frowntown? I hate Frowntown!

Unikitty: Because...little bro, we're going to a dinner party! [Sparkle matter shoots out]

Puppycorn: Oh, sweet! I love dinner parties! The dinner, the party, the... [pauses] ...wait, a party in Frowntown? [looks suspicious, partially shutting his eyelids] Who's party is this? [gets startled while Brock opens the door]

Brock: Hello!

[Master Frown appears]

Master Frown: What?!

Puppycorn: What?!

Brock: Come on in!

Master Frown: What?! No!

[shuts door]

Puppycorn: [irritated] Sis!

[Scene cuts to Brock and Master Frown]

Master Frown: [angry] Brock!

[Cuts back to Puppycorn]

Puppycorn: You didn't tell me we were going to Master Frown's house! He's a butt!

Unikitty:'s also Brock's house, and he's pretty rad.

Puppycorn: He is pretty cool, but this party's gonna stink! [crossing his arms in anger and shoots out negative sparkle matter]

Unikitty: Nonsense! [shoots out positive sparkle matter while her body shifts into a heart shape] Any party can be fun with your friends!

[Scene cuts to Master Frown and Brock]

Master Frown: Brock, why are they here? You didn't tell me we were having a party!

Brock: Dude, I told you about this party like eighty times.

[Cuts into a montage of three scenes where Brock reminds Master Frown about the upcoming party]

[Brock is seen folding and arranging clothes; Master Frown is seen on the couch]

Brock: We're having a party.

Master Frown: Yep.

[Cuts to Brock and Master Frown at a table. Brock is eating cereal and Master Frown is reading the newspaper.]

Brock: Going to the party?

Master Frown: Uh-huh.

[The next scene displays Master Frown and Brock in the bathtub]

Brock: The party's almost here.

Master Frown: [touching rubber duck] Okay, sure.

[Cuts to Master Frown, looking annoyed]

[Brock opens the door to let Puppycorn and Unikitty into their house]

Puppycorn: [negative sparkle matter shoots out] Sis, No! No! No! No! No! No!

Unikitty: [upside down] Hiiiii~♥! Thanks for having-

[Master Frown abruptly shuts the door on Unikitty]

Master Frown: No! They are not coming in!

[Brock opens the door again while Master Frown struggles to get to it, wanting to close it]

Brock: Come on in!

[An angry Puppycorn shuts the door]

Puppycorn: I don't wanna go!

Unikitty: [starts to get irritated] Puppycorn...[moves Puppycorn away from the door]...don't be rude...[tries to opens the door; Master Frown appears]

Master Frown: No!

[Slams the door]

Brock: [annoyed] Dude!

[Opens the door]

Puppycorn: No!

[Slams the door]

Brock: [almost about to yell] Dude!

Unikitty: [appears in her Angry Kitty form] Puppycorn!

[Puppycorn pushes Unikitty out of the door frame to block her from opening it]

Puppycorn: [infuriated] Unikitty!

[Master Frown opens the door]

Master Frown: Brock...

[Brock appears and holds down Master Frown by the cheek]

Brock: Master Frown! [shuts the door] Oh, wait... [Opens the door while blocking Master Frown to it] ...uh, sorry about that, guys. Come on in!

[Master Frown gets surprised]

Master Frown: No! I absolutely refuse! [infuriated while sparkle matter shoots out] They are not coming in!

[Cuts to next scene where Brock, Puppycorn, Unikitty and Master Frown are at the dinner table. Puppycorn and Master Frown are upset, folding their arms.]

Brock: Dinner's not ready yet, but thanks for coming, dudes! Mi casa is your house.

Unikitty: [eyes start to shine with glitter and stars appearing] Ooooo! Fancy! [sparkle matter shoots out with her cheeks turning to hearts] De nada! [starts to look at Puppycorn] Puppycorn...

Puppycorn: [sighs] De nada.

Master Frown: [sarcastic] Yeah, thanks for coming. I was gonna throw myself in a volcano tonight, but hanging out with you guys is just as terrible.

Brock: Hey, remember, my watashinoie is your house. Is that any way to treat our guests?

Master Frown: Yes, because parties are lame.

[Unikitty gasps and Master Frown picks up a bowl of snacks]

Master Frown: These snacks are too sweet!

[throws the bowl to the wall]

[Unikitty gasps again, exclamation marks pop out]

Master Frown: This music is too loud!

[turns radio off]

Unikitty: No! [face gets tiny]

Master Frown: And no one likes making small talk! [camera zooms in] This is going to be a disaster.

[Brock appears]

Brock: People like small talk!

Master Frown: Your mom likes small talk!

Brock: [gasps, feeling insulted; camera pans back to Master Frown and Brock; Brock tries to retaliate] You leave Mama Brock out of this!

[Brock and Master Frown growls in anger at each other]

[Unikitty cuts in, trying to stop the feud]

Unikitty: Well, I love making small talk! Watch! [huddles between Master Frown and Brock] So, what's favorite...[pauses for two seconds]...conversation?

Master Frown: Is that a real question?

Brock: [grabs Master Frown's hand, feeling upset] Uh, will you accuse us, Unikitty?

[camera pans to Master Frown and Brock in their kitchen]

Brock: Dude, why are you trying to bring everybody down?

Master Frown: Because bringing everybody down is main thing!

Brock: Well, [scoffs] the party's really important to me! Can you please stop trying to ruin it and be cool?

Master Frown: [opens a case of infected food] How about some light food poisoning?

Brock: [yells in anger, wacks the case out of Master Frown's hand] No! [camera zooms into his face] My house is a dinning zone!

[Master Frown and Brock get into an argument as Unikitty, upset, witnesses it from the dinner table]

Puppycorn: [peaks out of the couch] Sis, we can leave right now! Let's sneak out the window.

[Unikitty's eyes are shining, almost in tears]

Unikitty: No, bro! [points out] Look!

[Puppycorn's back is turned to the other direction]

Puppycorn: What am I looking at?

[Unikitty directs Puppycorn to see Brock and Master Frown's quarrel]

Unikitty: A friendship falling apart!

[Master Frown and Brock continues to verbally fight]

Puppycorn: Good. [attempts to walk away]

Unikitty: [cheeks turn into exclamation marks] No, bad, Puppycorn! [nearly in tears] Could you imagine if we stopped being friends? [cheeks then turn into broken hearts]

Puppycorn: [sparkle matter shoots out, gasps] Oh no! [starts to cry, shoots out tears at Unikitty]

[Unikitty grabs a flower pot; in it is an upset flower]

Unikitty: Their friendship is wilting, like this flower! And the only way to bring it back to life is with the fun and love of a good party! [cheeks turn into hearts]

[Unikitty brings out a blow horn, plays it, and starts replicating the sound of it]

[The flower is now filled with energy]

Flower: Yeah! Friendship!

[Another flower appears, both flowers imitate the sound of blow horns]

Unikitty: We have to help them be friends again! Are you in?

[Puppycorn stops crying]

Puppycorn: [shouts out sparkle matter] Yes!

Unikitty: Best friend agreement dance?

Puppycorn: [eyes appear to have stars in them] Best friend agreement dance!

[Brock, feeling calm, brings Master Frown to the dinner room after the argument]

Brock: I promise, it's gonna be a super low-key night.

[Loud music starts to play]

[The dinner room is set up with with a disco and background neon lights]

[Brock and Master Frown in shock]

Unikitty and Puppycorn: ♪Best friend agreement dance! We're best friends!♪

Puppycorn: Turn up the beat! [starts dancing]

[Unikitty replicates the sound of a fire truck horn while her head spins around and feet claps]

Brock: [gets excited] Awesome!

Master Frown: [in irritation] This is already the worst.

[Brock starts to dance]

[Unikitty appears]

Unikitty: Hey, you two! Guess what we brought! [shouts sparkle matter]

[Puppycorn brings out a box, slamming it on the table]

Unikitty: [comes out of the box while board games fly out] Party games!

[One of the board games hit Master Frown in the face]

Brock: Aw, yeah!

[Puppycorn appears]

Puppycorn: Sis, what's the plan?

Unikitty: Nothing makes people realize they like each other like having fun together! They'll be friends again in no time.

Puppycorn: [eyes begin to shine, half whispering] Genius.

[Brock picks up one of the board games]

Brock: Wanna 'bout charades?

[Zooms to Master Frown]

Master Frown: That's a stupid grandma game for grandmas.

[Unikitty appears with stars surrounding her]

Unikitty: Great, and you two can be on a team ♪together!♪

[Unikitty brings Master Frown and Brock to sit together on the couch]

[She then puts Brock's hand onto Master Frown's]

Unikitty: ♪Together, together, together!♪

[Master Frown removes his hand from Brock's, not wanting to group up with him]

[Cuts to Puppycorn]

Puppycorn: You guys can go first!

[Unikitty appears]

Unikitty: Show us the raw power of your team friendship! [exclamation marks shoot out of her head]

[Cuts to Brock and Master Frown]

Brock: Do you wanna go or me?

Master Frown: I don't care.

[Brock picks up one of the cards]

Brock: Okay, you go.

Master Frown: [Partially yells, putting his arms in the air] I don't wanna go! You go!

Brock: [Partially yells] But you just said you didn't care!

[Master Frown violently swipes the card from Brock]

Master Frown: [Scoffs] Fine!

[Master Frown gets up the couch, looking at the card, and then stands in front of a television]

[Master Frown looks at Unikitty, Puppycorn and Brock in annoyance]

[Cuts to Brock, Puppycorn and Unikitty sitting on the couch]

Unikitty: [Whispers] I believe in you!

[Then, Brock gives Master Frown a thumbs up]

[Cuts back to Master Frown, later staring at his card]

[Master Frown scoffs again]

[Looking irritated, he starts hopping in an attempt to replicate a rabbit]

[Cuts to Brock]

Brock: Uh, uh, horseback riding!

[Cuts back to Master Frown, who is still hopping]

Brock: You-uh, are trying to fly!

[Master Frown then crouches down and starts crawling around]

Brock: Bird! You're a baby bird! A bird baby! A bird baby on a trampoline!

[Cuts to Brock]

Brock: Hot coals! Pogo stick! Vroom, vroom! Motorcycle!

[Cuts back to Master Frown, who continues hopping and starts raising his hands]

Brock: Hat! Two hats! Horns!

[Master Frown then stops hopping]

[Cuts back to Brock]

Brock: Horns man! The man with horns!

[Cuts back to Master Frown looking confused and then pointing to his rear]

Brock: Your butt!

[Master Frown kept pointing to his rear rapidly]

Brock: Punching your butt! Oh, y- oh. Your butt hurts!

[Cuts back to Brock again]

Brock: Oh! Is that the, uh, embarrassing rash you had? [Whispers] Does it still itch?

[Cuts angerly back to Master Frown]

Master Frown: [angry] Stop telling everybody about my rash!

[Cuts to Brock, Unikitty and Puppycorn holding the sandtimer]

Puppycorn: [Imitating the buzzer] Time's up.

[Cuts back to Master Frown]

Master Frown: Horns man? The man with horns?! It was a bunny!

Brock: Oh. Like a rabbit.

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