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I am not a fan of Dr. Fox’s new cupcake recipe."
"I dunno. I thought it tasted pretty good!
Richard and Puppycorn, Crushing Defeat

The Cupcake Monster is a monstrous creation of Dr. Fox's. He debuted in "Crushing Defeat".

Personality and Traits

The cupcake monster, as his name suggests, is a gigantic cupcake. He is enclosed in a yellow cupcake liner, with four red tentacles that pop out of it, creating tears. He has pink frosting in a swirl on top of him, along with needle-like teeth. He has blue, purple, and green star-shaped sprinkles decorating his frosting and his tentacles.

The cupcake monster is reliant on brute strength and force. Not caring about the feelings of others, he is primarily focused on attacking anyone he sets his sights on. Despite his brute force, he is still able to talk, and has a bit of a mocking personality.


The cupcake monster is a recent creation of Dr. Fox's, in an attempt for a new cupcake recipe. Despite Puppycorn finding him delicious, he quickly turned the tables, demonstrating by eating a part of Unikitty's tail.

First adventures

Crushing Defeat

During an attack on the castle, the cupcake monster attempted to break in by ramming himself into the door, only succeeding on smearing frosting onto the door. When FeeBee walked into his path, he prepared to attack her instead, quickly giving chase, only to be blocked by Hawkodile. The bodyguard put up a few good punches against the monster, succeeding in punching his teeth out. However, Hawkodile managed to get his foot stuck in the monster's frosting, which delighted him, as he prepared to eat Hawkodile. However, Hawkodile used this to his advantage, knocking the monster in the air. Using a bazooka addition from Dr. Fox, Hawkodile shot the monster while he was still in the air, splattering his frosting further.

The next night, as the cupcake monster was still licking his wounds, Unikitty admitted that she loved him. This did nothing to cheer the monster up, as he threatened to attack the princess. Hawkodile, shrunken from his crush on Dr. fox, attempted to fight the monster, only to be too small to punch. The monster, taking advantage of this, grabbed onto Hawkodile and pummeled him on the ground. Unikitty took offense to this, and tried to explain they were in the middle of a conversation, but the monster took no mind. Eventually, turning into Angry Kitty, Unikitty explained that Hawkodile was in a bad mood, as he had a crush. The monster took glee in this, mocking Hawkodile for being out of touch with his emotions, as he dropped the bodyguard and left, laughing.



Season 1

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