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[Start with a view of a sunny hilltop. A pink-frosted cupcake pops up. It turns around, revealing a roaring monster face on it. The monster jumps, running on tentacle arms. Cut to the front of the castle, where the cupcake monster slams onto the door, leaving a splatter of frosting. It slams down a second time in the same spot. Pan up to Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Richard looking down from a balcony.]

Richard: I am not a fan of Dr. Fox’s new cupcake recipe.

[Cut to Puppycorn, he has frosting on his cheeks.]

Puppycorn: I dunno. I thought it tasted pretty good! (Spirals his tongue out, licking his cheeks. Cut to Unikitty.]

Unikitty: Yeah... (Shifts her tail, revealing a bite mark from it.) Until it tried to eat us! (Shakes out her tail, fixing it back to its normal shape. She looks down, and reacts in shock, as fear-based sparkle matter shoots out.) Oh, no! Look!

[Cut to FeeBee. She is flying with her eyes closed and whistling, pushing a flower cart, as the cupcake monster starts to charge towards her. The monster roars and jumps, as she stops, opening her eyes. Cut to FeeBee.]

FeeBee: Oh, my!

[FeeBee starts to run, as the monster chases her.]

Hawkodile: (Offscreen.) Hey, Frosting Face!

[FeeBee and the monster look offscreen. Cut to the doors of the castle, which Hawkodile kicks open. Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: Get away from my castle!

[Cut to FeeBee and the monster. Hawkodile jumps in between the two. He places FeeBee inside her flower cart and kicks it. She rides into the castle, screaming. The doors shut on her. Pan to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: Don’t you know sweets are bad for your teeth?

[Hawkodile jumps up, punching at the cupcake monster multiple times. Cut to the monster getting punched multiple times, when they finally stop. The monster looks towards Hawkodile. Hawkodile slowly flies in; giving a flying punch that knocks the monster’s teeth out. Cut to Hawkodile on the ground. He flies up, aiming a flying kick towards the monster. The monster braces for impact, as Hawkodile’s foot embeds into his frosting, while the monster looks shocked. Cut out to Hawkodile and the monster.]

Hawkodile: (With question mark and exclamation point sparkle matter shooting out.) Huh?!

[The monster grins, roaring, as he aims to eat Hawkodile. Hawkodile lifts his leg up, lifting the monster up, as he spins the monster around, kicking him onto the ground. He kicks his leg up, flinging the monster into the air. Cut to Hawkodile watching the monster. Dr. Fox kicks the door of the castle open, holding onto a crosshair bazooka.]

Dr. Fox: Hawkodile! Try this!

[Dr. Fox throws the bazooka in the air, as it shines. Cut to Hawkodile, who looks at the bazooka and rips off his arm. He leaps up to the bazooka, attaching it with his shoulder. He lands and places his arm inside the bazooka. Cut to a smiley-face crosshair of the bazooka, with the viewpoint showing to the monster, still in the air. Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: Time to toast this half-baked treat!

[Hawkodile launches his arm out of the bazooka. Cut to the monster, who is hit with the bazooka, falling down and splattering frosting. Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Richard, who all get hit with frosting in the face. Cut to a far shot of the castle. The cupcake monster lands on the ground. Cut to Hawkodile and Dr. Fox. Hawkodile’s arm lands next to him. Hawkodile removes the bazooka attachment, spinning it around, and presents it to Dr. Fox.]

Hawkodile: Thanks, Dr. Fox!

Dr. Fox: (Taking the bazooka.) We make a pretty good team, don’t we?

[Cut to Dr. Fox, who winks at Hawkodile. Cut to Hawkodile and Dr. Fox. Dr. Fox walks off as Hawkodile blushes. Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: Yeah…we totally do.

[Cut to Dr. Fox walking away with the bazooka. Hawkodile is behind her, blindly grabbing for his arm. He attaches it back to his shoulder. Cut to Dr. Fox walking into the castle. A pink blur fade is around the border. Cut to Hawkodile, who blushes as multiple heart-shaped sparkle matter shoots out of him. It falls onto his head and into his hands, which he looks at.]

Hawkodile: Huh?

[Hawkodile crushes the hearts in his hands. Cut to Hawkodile’s treehouse.]

Hawkodile: (Offscreen.) Bodyguard punch! Bodyguard kick!

[Cut to Hawkodile in his treehouse. He is punching a sandbag.]

Hawkodile: Bodyguard training!

[Cut to Hawkodile kicking through a log. A superimposed version of Dr. Fox appears on him, throwing the bazooka.]

Dr. Fox: Hawkodile, try this!

[Dr. Fox’s words echo, as Hawkodile grows nervous, sweating.]

Hawkodile: Dr. Fox!

[Cut to Hawkodile lifting his hand upwards.]

Hawkodile: Go!

[Cut to a cinderblock. Hawkodile chops it. Three images of Dr. Fox’s face appears above his head.]

Dr. Fox: (Echoing.) Hawkodile!

[Hawkodile sweats. The images of Dr. Fox pop.]

Hawkodile: So…many…feelings!

[Cut to Hawkodile punching at his sandbag.]

Hawkodile: Can’t punch them away!

[Hawkodile punches the sandbag away.]

Hawkodile: (Sadly.) Not this time…

[Hawkodile looks to a container filled with different battle weapons. He nervously walks over to them, looking behind himself quickly. He pulls the handles of the weapons apart like a curtain, revealing a drawing of Dr. Fox’s face. She has hearts drawn in her eyes, with hearts drawn around her and “Dr. Fox” written around her multiple times. Hawkodile leans into the picture, stroking it, as he blushes, heart-shaped sparkle matter shooting out.]

Hawkodile: Dr. Fox, it’s like you singed my heart with a flamethrower! No one can know how weak you make me feel!

[Pan up. The hearts combine into one giant heart with a face, who exclaims in shock. Cut to a bird’s eye view of Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: Why can’t I stop thinking about you? Why?! Huh?

[Hawkodile looks up at the heart, which descends down on him. The heart presses onto his head, as he struggles, while a crack sound is heard. The heart crushes him down further, as Hawkodile grabs onto the sides of the heart, trying to push it upwards. The heart presses down on him again, and then falls on him, pinning him down on the ground.]

Hawkodile: So confused!

[Wipe to the castle for the next morning. A banjo is heard playing, while Unikitty imitates the sound of it. Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Richard at the kitten table. Puppycorn and Richard are eating waffles, while Unikitty is bobbing her head side-to-side, music note-shaped sparkle matter shooting out of her.]

Unikitty: ♪Come on down to Waffle Town,

Flippin frowns to upside down!♪

[Unikitty continues to imitate a banjo noise, while Hawkodile walks in. He is shorter, as he sadly sits down. Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Richard focus their attention to him.]

Unikitty: Morning, Hawkodile!

[Hawkodile moans, scribbly negative sparkle matter shooting out of him.]

Unikitty: What’s going on?

Richard: You seem…different.

Hawkodile: (Alerted.) Huh?! (Jumps off of the chair, holding his arms out in defense.) Uh, no! Uh, I’m fine!

Unikitty: (Flying up to him.) No, there’s something else!

[Cut to Hawkodile, who backs up. He is sweating.]

Hawkodile: No, I, uh…eh…

Dr. Fox: (Offscreen.) Who wants more waffles?

[Hawkodile freezes in shock. Camera shift to behind Hawkodile. Dr. Fox is in the doorway, holding a plate of waffles and a waffle iron. Cut to Hawkodile, who turns around, screaming, as he blushes. Pan out to a pink background of Hawkodile, with Puppycorn and Unikitty on either side. The gigantic heart with a face bursts up from him, crushing him down. Cut to Hawkodile, who looks very pained. Cut out to the kitchen, where Hawkodile is crushed down, with Puppycorn and Unikitty on either side.]

Unikitty and Puppycorn: Oooh…

[Hawkodile shushes at them. Cut to Hawkodile, as Puppycorn and Unikitty squeeze next to them.]

Unikitty and Puppycorn: Oooh…

[Hawkodile shushes them again, pushing the two away. Cut to Unikitty and Puppycorn. The two of them are blushing.]

Unikitty and Puppycorn: Oooh!

[Cut to Hawkodile, who is straining and groaning. Cut back to Unikitty and Puppycorn. Unikitty’s cheeks turn into scissors, as hearts grow in her eyes.]

Unikitty: You got a haircut!

[The scissors on her cheeks snip together twice. Cut to Hawkodile, who is blushing and weary under the weight, Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Richard. Dr. Fox walks in. Hawkodile is moaning, shoving his hands into his cheeks.]

Dr. Fox: Oh, my! No, no! It appears Hawkodile has a crush!

[Cut to Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Richard. Unikitty has exclamation points on her cheeks. The three of them gasp.]

Unikitty: He’s got a crush?!

[Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: I do! (Suddenly grows shocked, slapping his hands over his mouth.) I mean, no way!

Unikitty: (Flies in, hearts on her cheeks. She rapidly shoves her words together.) Yes, you do! This is so exciting! Who is it?! (Zoom in on her and Hawkodile, as her cheeks turn into question marks and hearts fill her eyes.) Who? Who who who who?

[Cut out to Hawkodile and Unikitty. Hawkodile angrily shatters the heart that is pressing him, as anger sparkle matter shoots out of him.]

Hawkodile: Nobody! Forget it!

[Hawkodile walks off. Cut to Hawkodile walking with his arms crossed. Unikitty flies in beside him.]

Unikitty: It’s okay! You don’t have to tell us who! (Lands in front of Hawkodile.) But you do have to let us help! Right, guys?

[Dr. Fox, Puppycorn, and Richard rush in.]

Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, and Richard: Yeah!

Hawkodile: (Walking away, putting a hand towards them.) No, I’m fine! I’ll be fine.

Dr. Fox: (Walking towards Hawkodile.) Wait!

[Cut to Hawkodile and Dr. Fox. Dr. Fox is holding a beam gun.]

Dr. Fox: Actually, you won’t!

[Dr. Fox grabs Hawkodile’s hand, causing him to sweat and blush, as she scans him with the beam gun.]

Dr. Fox: Until you tell your crush how you feel, I believe your symptoms will only get worse!

[Cut to the hand of Hawkodile’s that Dr. Fox is holding.]

Dr. Fox: Sweaty palms…

[Cut to Hawkodile, who is hyperventilating.]

Dr. Fox: (Offscreen.) Shortness of breath…

[Cut out to Hawkodile and Dr. Fox.]

Dr. Fox: And worst of all… (Stretches her arm out, lowering it.) You’re shrinking under the weight of your crush!

[Cut to Hawkodile, who is still sweating. Feather and exclamation point sparkle matter shoots out of him.]

Hawkodile: Shrinking?!

[Cut to Dr. Fox.]

Dr. Fox: Yes! And if your crush goes untreated, (Presses on her head, crouching down.) it could crush you down into a floppy little pancake!

[Dr. Fox pops back up. Cut to Hawkodile and Dr. Fox. Hawkodile is blushing, holding his hands to the sides of his face.]

Hawkodile: Oh, no!

Dr. Fox: If you want, you can join me in the lab for some one-on-one experiments.

[Heart-shaped sparkle matter floats out of Hawkodile. Cut to a worm’s eye view of Hawkodile and Dr. Fox, the heart with a face is above Hawkodile, giggling. Cut to Hawkodile, who is now the same size as Dr. Fox, and Dr. Fox. Hawkodile pushes Dr. Fox out of the way.]

Hawkodile: Uh, no! Not necessary!

[The heart slams down onto Hawkodile multiple times. Cut to Dr. Fox walking out of the kitchen, while Hawkodile is still pressed down.]

Dr. Fox: I’ll work on calculations.

[Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Richard run towards Hawkodile, who moans.]

Unikitty: Don’t worry, Big H! You might not know how to express your feelings, but we do! (Hugs onto Puppycorn.) Allow your pals to teach you the ways of love! You’ll be talking to you crush in no time!

[Hawkodile moans, blushing again. Wipe to Hawkodile in Puppycorn’s room, sitting at a table.]

Puppycorn: (Offscreen.) This is so cool! (Leaps in, holding a stack of paper. He slams them onto the table, one of them falls onto Hawkodile’s head.) You always teach me things, but now I’m gonna teach you things!

[Cut to Hawkodile, who pulls the piece of paper off of his head.]

Hawkodile: I don’t know, little man. (Looks at the piece of paper.) I got so much like in my heart… (Stretches arms out.) What do I do? (Crumples paper, as angry sparkle matter shoots out.) It’s all so confusing!

[Hawkodile throws up the wadded piece of paper, groaning, as he crosses his arms. Cut out to Hawkodile and Puppycorn.]

Puppycorn: Hmm. I guess it depends on what you like. (Pushes papers toward Hawkodile.) For me…

[Cut to a drawing of pizza. The scene shifts into the drawing. A drawing of Puppycorn hops in.]

Puppycorn: (Offscreen.) When I like pizza, I eat it!

[The drawing of Puppycorn eats the slice of pizza in one bite, making chewing noises. A tennis ball drawing pops up next to him.]

Puppycorn: (Offscreen.) When I like a tennis ball, I eat it!

[The drawing of Puppycorn leaps onto the tennis ball, eating it, making chewing noises. An action figure drawing pops up next to him.]

Puppycorn: (Offscreen.) When I like a cool action figure…

[The drawing of Puppycorn grabs the action figure in his teeth. He digs a hole behind him and drops the action figure in it.]

Puppycorn: (Offscreen.) I bury it for a week…

[The drawing of Puppycorn fills in the hole, staring at it with a smile. A drawing that says “7 Days Later…” appears. Cut to the drawing of Puppycorn digging in the hole.]

Puppycorn: (Offscreen.) Dig it up…

[The real Puppycorn pops up, a piece of paper in his mouth.]

Puppycorn: (His mouth full.) And then I eat it!

[Cut to Hawkodile and Puppycorn. Hawkodile is scratching his head in confusion while Puppycorn has the piece of paper in his mouth.]

Hawkodile: Puppycorn, this is different.

[Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: I like someone, not something.

[Cut to Hawkodile and Puppycorn.]

Puppycorn: Hmm. I don’t think you can eat a person. That’s probably illegal.

[Hawokdile buries his face in his hands, sighing. Unikitty and Dr. Fox are heard laughing with each other. Pan up to the doorway. Dr. Fox and Unikitty are walking through.]

Dr. Fox: So I said, “not my Bunsen burner, bingleberry”!

[Dr. Fox and Unikitty laugh, shooting out sparkle matter. They pass through the hallway. Cut to Hawkodile and Puppycorn. The giant heart pops out from Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: Huh?

[The heart starts to crush Hawkodile again, as he reacts in pain. The heart presses down on him, causing a crack, as he shrinks down further. Cut to Hawkodile and Puppycorn.]

Hawkodile: I-I have to go.

[Hawkodile skitters away, leaving the giant heart in Puppycorn’s room. Hawkodile is now only slightly taller than Puppycorn. Cut to a different room, as cinderblocks from the wall are pushed out. Hawkodile pops out from the hole in the wall. Richard flies up to him.]

Richard: So you have a crush, you old dog, you. I’m glad you came to me as the castle’s resident expert on all things romance.

Hawkodile: Rick, please help me.

Richard: (Floating away.) Of course.

[Cut to Richard floating by a purple curtain. Hawkodile walks up on the other side.]

Richard: I have carried a torch for my own beloved for many years.

[Richard pulls the curtain away. In it is a slate brick girl in the same shape of Richard, only with eyelashes, purple hair in a bouffant, and a blue hairbow. Hawkodile is shocked. Cut to the picture.]

Hawkodile: (Offscreen.) You have a girlfriend?

[Richard flies up to the portrait.]

Richard: You might say that…

[Richard nervously looks away. Ripple fade to the girl brick outside, picking flowers.]

Richard: (Offscreen.) It happened ages ago. Though I’ve only seen her from afar…

[Pan out to Richard looking at her through a window.]

Richard: (Offscreen.) We’ve never spoken…

[Cut to Richard, with hearts in his eyes, as a tiny blue heart with a face pops out of him.]

Richard: (Offscreen.) Our love is real.

[Ripple fade to Richard with his cheek against the portrait, smiling as hearts pop out. Cut out to Hawkodile and Richard.]

Hawkodile: (Confusion sparkle matter shooting out and popping.) You’ve never spoken to her?

Richard: (Now off of the portrait.) Hmm. You really do have a lot to learn when it comes to love.

[Richard opens up a drawer and goes into it, while Hawkodile looks in confusion. Richard pulls out a candle, bouquet of roses, and box of chocolates, to Hawkodile’s shock. Richard floats off. Cut to a table, where Richard places the items, going back and forth. Hawkodile walks to the table.]

Richard: The first step to winning her hand is to send a formal declaration of love by mourning dove (Sets a dove in a cage, letters, and a portrait down.) with three poems expressing your heart’s desire.

Hawkodile: (Scratching his head.) I gotta do all this before I even talk to her? (Walks off, shrugging.) I don’t have that kind of time! Thanks anyway, Rick.

[Richard flies in, wearing a top hat and holding onto a cummerbund.]

Richard: Wait, we haven’t even begun rhyming couplets!

[The sound of rock scraping and crashing noise is heard offscreen. Cut to Hawkodile walking through another room, as scribble sparkle matter shoots out of him and he sighs.]

Dr. Fox: (Offscreen.) Hawkodile! There you are!

[Hawkodile stops in shock, as an exclamation point pops out of him. He turns around, stammering, as Dr. Fox walks in with a clipboard and pen.]

Hawkodile: Dr. Fox! (Starts to blush.)

Dr. Fox: You appear to be shrinking at an unusually fast rate! (Points at Hawkodile’s chest with the pen.) We could try a heart transplant!

Hawkodile: Eh, no-no-no, sorry! Uh, not now, busy, bye!

[Hawkodile rushes off. Cut to Hawkodile behind a wall, looking at Dr. Fox, who shrugs and walks off. Hearts spill out of Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: (Wiping his brow.) Oooh…

[Cut to Hawkodile. Three large hearts with pairs of glasses float up above him, laughing. The side two fall down near him, as the middle one lands on top. The two side ones crush into him. Cut to the hearts crushing him as he strains, then letting go, crumpling him up and wobbling him. Wipe to Hawkodile sitting on a balcony. Unikitty flies in. Hawkodile is now much shorter than her. Zoom in on them.]

Unikitty: Don’t be sad, Hawkodile! Oh the bright side, (Starts to noogie his head, hearts in her eyes.) you’ve never been more adorable! (Hugs onto him, squishing his cheek, and talking in a baby voice.) So cute!

Hawodile: (Pushing Unikitty off of him.) Princess, this is serious. I’ve never felt so many feelings. It’s like a thousand battleships are crushing my soul! It feels like a like-like, or even a love-like! How do I tell someone that?

Unikitty: Well, that’s easy! (Eyes and cheeks turn into hearts as heart-shaped sparkle matter shoots out of her, combined with normal sparkle matter.) I love love! I love it so much I tell everyone I love them all the time! Watch!

[Unikitty flies up to an apple on a tree.]

Unikitty: I love you, fruit!

[The apple beams with happiness. Unikitty flies up to a cloud.]

Unikitty: And I love you, cloud shape!

[The cloud giggles. Unikitty flies up to Dino Dude.]

Unikitty: And I love you, Dino Dude!

[Dino Dude giggles. Unikitty flies up to Tigerlope.]

Unikitty: I love you, Tigerlope!

[Tigerlope happily roars. Unikitty flies up into the air surrounding the kingdom.]

Unikitty: And I love everybody!

[The townspeople cheer, as bursts of sparkle matter shoot up into the air.]

Citizen: (Offscreen.) We love you, Unikitty!

[Cut to the cupcake monster, who has bandages on his head and is bandaging up one of his tentacles. Unikitty flies up to him.]

Unikitty: I even love you, scary cupcake monster!

Monster: Huh?

[The monster suddenly roars at Unikitty, throwing away the roll of bandages. Cut to Unikitty, who screams, as exclamation points surround her and her cheeks turn into exclamation points. Cut to Hawkodile, as exclamation points surround him.]

Hawkodile: Princess, get down!

[Hawkodile leaps off of the balcony, yelling. Cut to the cupcake monster, who swats Hawkodile away, sending him into the castle wall. Hawkodile pries himself loose, flying towards the monster. He does a combat roll on the ground and continues to fly. The monster moves out of the way, causing Hawkodile to leap up and miss him. Cut to Hawkodile, the monster, and Unikitty. The monster continues to move out of the way as Hawkodile tries to leap up to him.]

Hawkodile: Can’t…reach…face!

[Hawkodile falls flat on his face. The monster roars, picking Hawkodile up with his bandaged tentacle. He starts to slam Hawkodile to the ground.]

Unikitty: Hey! Do you mind? (Looks at Hawkodile while the monster continues to hit him. She looks back at the monster) We are talking about love! (Exclamation points form on her cheeks as anger sparkle matter shoots out. She faces the other side of the monster, yelling.) Leave him alone!

[Cut to a close up of Unikitty as she yowls, turning into Angry Kitty. Pan out to Angry Kitty with the monster.]

Unikitty: (Yelling.) Can’t you see my friend is dealing with some emotional stuff?! (Cut to just her.) He has a crush!

[Cut out to Unikitty, the monster, and Hawkodile. The monster starts to laugh, as Unikitty returns to normal. The monster points to Hawkodile.]

Monster: (Taunting, sing-song.) You’re out of touch with your emotions!

[The monster tosses Hawkodile onto the ground, walking away as he laughs.]

Unikitty: Aww, it’s okay, Hawkodile!

[Cut to Hawkodile. Unikitty flies up to him.]

Unikitty: I took care of it!

Hawkodile: No, Princess, it is not okay. It’s un-okay. (Falls down onto his back. He pulls himself up.) If I can’t protect you like this, then I can’t do my duty as your bodyguard! I can’t even tell my crush how I feel! (Cut to him.) I’m requesting a leave of absence. (Stars to tear up.) To think my secret alone thoughts…

[Hawkodile wipes his tears off with his arm. Cut to Unikitty and Hawkodile. Hawkodile walks off. Cut to Hawkodile walking through an alleyway, where a barrel fire is lit. Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: ♪Oh, fox girl,

I’m being torn apart.

I wish that I could tell you,♪

[Hawkodile opens up his chest plate, revealing his heart, stomach and lungs, which all have faces and wear his sunglasses. His lungs are on drums, his stomach is on guitar, and his heart is on a pedestal.]

Hawkodile’s Heart: ♪’Bout this storm inside my heart.♪

[Cut to Hawkodile opening up a garage door.]

Hawkodile: ♪Oh, it’s like a scorpion,♪

[Hawkodile walks into the garage, where a tarp-covered object is. He pulls it off, revealing a motorcycle.]

♪That’s fighting off a shark.♪

[Cut to Hawkodile riding the motorcycle.]

♪But not as awesome.♪

[Cut to Hawkodile’s hand revving the motorcycle. Cut to a full shot of him on the motorcycle.]

♪It’s not as awesome.♪

[Cut to the front wheel of the motorcycle. Cut to Hawkodile riding down the road, the sun setting behind him.]

♪I found a way,

But now I’m stumblin’ in the dark.♪

[Cut to Hawkodile in his treehouse, attempting to jump up at his sandbag, missing. It falls on top of him.]

♪I tried to punch away my feelings,♪

[An image of Hawkodile’s face, with busted sunglasses and crooked lines, appears.]

♪But you’ve gone and left a mark.♪

[Cut to Hawkodile leaping up and smacking the cinderblock, only to hurt his hand.]

♪Oh, my love’s too strong,

I can’t move on.♪

[Cut to Hawkodile flying out of his treehouse. He flies up towards the roof of the castle.]

♪It’s just too hard,

You’re just so awesome!♪

[Hawkodile lands on the roof.]

♪You’re so cool and awesome!

I’ve got a crush!♪

[Circle around to Hawkodile’s back. Star constellations turn into Hawkodile and Dr. Fox.]

♪I’ve got a powerful crush!♪

[The Hawkodile constellation reaches out to the Dr. Fox one, as the Dr. Fox constellation fades into shooting stars.]

♪There’s no way to hide it,

What I feel inside,♪

[Cut to Hawkodile, tears in his eyes as hearts surround him.]

♪I’ve got a crush!♪

Dr. Fox: (Offscreen.) Hawkodile!

[Hawkodile leaps up in shock, sweating as exclamation points pop out of him. Pan out to Dr. Fox, who is near a telescope.]

Dr. Fox: I didn’t realize anyone else was up here!

[Cut to Hawkodile, who jumps up, screaming like a girl, as heart-tipped exclamation points shoot up near him. Cut to Dr. Fox.]

Dr. Fox: Did you come up here to admire the meteor shower, too? (Looks into her telescope.) It’s going to be amazing!

[Cut to Hawkodile, who is blushing.]

Hawkodile: Uh, I came up here to…punch stuff. Or, things. Uh…yeah. (Hearts start to pour out of him.) I came up here to punch stuff or things.

[Pan out. A large grouping of giant hearts are now above Hawkodile, giggling. They all crash down onto him, burying him, as Dr. Fox notices.]

Dr. Fox: Hawkodile!

[Cut to the pile of hearts. Dr. Fox walks up to them, pushing the hearts away. Hawkodile is flattened, as Dr. Fox reacts in shock. Cut to Hawkodile, as negative sparkle matter shoots out.]

Dr. Fox: (Offscreen.) You’re crushed!

[Pan out to Dr. Fox and Hawkodile.]

Dr. Fox: This is the worse I’ve ever seen!

[Hawkodile pops up, even smaller than he was before. Dr. Fox pulls out her beam gun, scanning him. Cut to the beam gun’s readout, which blinks “Danger Maximum Crush!!!”.]

Beam gun: (In a robotic voice.) Danger! Maximum Crush!!!

[Cut to Dr. Fox.]

Dr. Fox: These readings are very dire! (Puts gun down.) If you don’t tell your crush immediately, (Shoots out worry-based sparkle matter.) you could crush away into absolutely nothing!

[Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: What if I can’t? What if she…doesn’t wanna listen?

[Cut to Dr. Fox.]

Dr. Fox: Huh… (Idea-based sparkle matter shoots out.) Oh, I know! How about you practice on me?

[Cut to Hawkodile, as exclamation points escape from him.]

Hawkodile: What?!

[Cut to Dr. Fox and Hawkodile.]

Dr. Fox: Come on, Hawkodile! (Closes her eyes.) Just pretend I’m your crush and tell me how you feel!

[Dr. Fox opens her eyes. Cut to Hawkodile, who nervously sweats as he stammers, question marks popping out from him.]

Hawkodile: I dunno…

[Cut to Dr. Fox, illuminated by starlight, as stars shine in her eyes. Shooting stars fly behind her in an arc. Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: How…how do I begin to tell you that beneath my massive chest, there’s a raging battle of emotion!

[Cut to Dr. Fox and Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: You take my breath away like a flying bicycle kick (Jumps up and down to kick.) to the solar plexus.

[Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: My deadly little mushroom cloud, you exploded my heart and rebuilt me into something new!

[Cut to Dr. Fox and Hawkodile. Shooting stars pass behind them, as Hawkodile grabs Dr. Fox’s hand. Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: You and me, together we’d make a great team.

[Cut to Dr. Fox, whose eyes glisten.]

Dr. Fox: Whoa!

[Dr. Fox looks up. Cut to Dr. Fox and Hawkodile, as Dr. Fox looks at the shooting stars.]

Dr. Fox: The meteor shower! (Runs up to her telescope, looking through it.) This is breathtaking! (Cut to a view through the telescope.) Such a stupendous display of astronomical data!

[Cut to the shooting stars streaming through the sky on top of the castle. Cut to Dr. Fox looking through the telescope, while Hawkodile looks at her.]

Dr. Fox: It is truly beautiful!

[Hawkodile starts to grow, until he reaches his normal size. Cut to Hawkodile, who looks around at himself.]

Dr. Fox: (Offscreen.) Don’t you think so, Hawkodile?

[Hawkodile smiles.]

Hawkodile: Yeah. Beautiful.

[Cut to Dr. Fox looking through the telescope.]

Dr. Fox: Oh, yeah! What were we talking about? (Dr. Fox turns away from the telescope.) Hawkodile?

[Cut out. The meteor shower is still going on, but Hawkodile is no longer on the roof. Dr. Fox looks around, shrugs, and looks through the telescope. Diagonal wipe to the next day. Unikitty, Dr. Fox, Hawkodile, Puppycorn, and Richard are walking on the street. Unikitty, Dr. Fox, and Hawkodile each have a cupcake they are eating, Puppycorn has two cupcakes balanced on his head, as he chews on another one, and Richard has a clipboard with a picture of a cupcake on it. Unikitty turns to Hawkodile.]

Unikitty: Looking great, Hawkodile!

[Cut to Unikitty and Hawkodile.]

Unikitty: You must have told your love lady how you feel about her! (Winks, shooting out heart-shaped sparkle matter.)

[Cut to Hawkodile.]

Hawkodile: Yup, I sure did! (Opens his mouth to eat more of his cupcake.)

[Cut to Dr. Fox, who has frosting on her hand.]

Dr. Fox: Say, Hawkodile, (Stuffs her hand in her mouth, eating off the frosting.) now that it’s all behind you, (Turns to Hawkodile.) who was your secret crush anyways?

[Cut to Hawkodile, who is stuffing the cupcake in his mouth. Question marks and exclamation points suddenly pop around him as he struggles to swallow. Frosting spurts out between his teeth. Cut to Hawkodile, with Puppycorn, Richard, Dr. Fox, and Unikitty surrounding him, looking in shock. Hawkodile is sweating.]

Hawkodile: Uh…uh…uh…uh…

[Cut to Puppycorn and Richard, as Hawkodile continues to stammer as Hawkodile’s sweat drenches them. Cut to Unikitty and Dr. Fox, as Hawkodile’s sweat drenches them, fogging up Dr. Fox’s glasses, which she wipes at with a cloth. Cut to Hawkodile, still stammering and sweating. He suddenly points.]

Hawkodile: Her!

[Cut to Unikitty, Dr. Fox, Hawkodile, Puppycorn, and Richard. FeeBee flies past, pushing her flower cart. Hawkodile’s finger follows her. Cut to Dr. Fox.]

Dr. Fox: Oh, that’s nice.

[Cut to Hawkodile, who sighs in relief. Cut to FeeBee, who flies away from Unikitty, Dr. Fox, Hawkodile, Puppycorn, and Richard. Hearts are streaming out of her.]

FeeBee: He finally noticed me!

[Pan up, her hearts clump into a giant one. Cut to FeeBee, who is crushed by the large heart, exclamation points popping up around her.]

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