Richard: I am not a fan of Dr. Fox’s new cupcake recipe.
Puppycorn: I dunno. I thought it tasted pretty good!
Unikitty: Yeah...Until it tried to eat us!
Hawkodile: Dr. Fox, it’s like you singed my heart with a flamethrower! No one can know how weak you make me feel!
Dr. Fox: Oh, my! No, no! It appears Hawkodile has a crush!
Unikitty: He’s got a crush?!
Hawkodile: I do! I mean, no way!
Dr. Fox: If you want, you can join me in the lab for some one-on-one experiments.
Hawkodile: Uh, no! Not necessary!
Hawkodile: Puppycorn, this is different. I like someone, not something.
Puppycorn: Hmm. I don’t think you can eat a person. That’s probably illegal.
Richard: I have carried a torch for my own beloved for many years.
Hawkodile: You have a girlfriend?
Richard: You might say that…
Cupcake monster: You’re out of touch with your emotions!
Dr. Fox: Did you come up here to admire the meteor shower, too? It’s going to be amazing!
Hawkodile: Uh, I came up here to…punch stuff. Or, things. Uh…yeah. (Hearts start to pour out of him.) I came up here to punch stuff or things.
Hawkodile: How…how do I begin to tell you that beneath my massive chest, there’s a raging battle of emotion! You take my breath away like a flying bicycle kick to the solar plexus. My deadly little mushroom cloud, you exploded my heart and rebuilt me into something new! You and me, together we’d make a great team.
FeeBee: He finally noticed me!
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