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Thanks, Dr. Fox!”
”We make a pretty good team, don’t we?”
“Yeah…we totally do.
Hawkodile and Dr. Fox

"Crushing Defeat" is the ninth episode in the first season of Unikitty!.

It first aired on January 1, 2018.


The Fanboy Factor

When Hawkodile develops a secret crush on Dr. Fox, he finds himself actually crushing down in size! Unikitty and the gang become his love gurus to help him confess his feelings before he shrinks away into nothing.[1]

Cartoon Network

When Hawkodile develops a secret crush on Dr. Fox, he finds himself actually crushing down in size! With Hawkodile too embarrassed to tell her (or anyone) about it, Unikitty and the gang become his love gurus to help him confess his feelings before he shrinks away into nothing![2]


Crushing Defeat (2)

One day in the Unikingdom, a cupcake monster attempts to attack the castle, which he does by working to break into it. With Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Richard at watch, the latter complains about Dr. Fox's new cupcake recipe. Despite Puppycorn finding it delicious, Unikitty says that the monster had attempted to eat them. They then notice that FeeBee is in the path of the monster, who is now focused on chasing her. Hawkodile soon appears, pushing FeeBee into the castle to safety, while preparing to defeat the monster.

Crushing Defeat (4)

Despite getting a few good punches in, it seems that Hawkodile is stuck once he gets his foot lodge into the monster, who prepares to eat him. However, Hawkodile uses this as a tactic to kick the monster into the air. Dr. Fox, armed with a bazooka, rushes to Hawkodile's aid. The bodyguard uses the bazooka to launch his own arm at the monster, causing frosting to splatter and the monster to fall. Hawkodile thanks Dr. Fox, who says the two of them make a pretty great team. Flustered, Hawkodile agrees, as he blushes and hearts stream out of him, while he watches Dr. Fox walk off.

Crushing Defeat (9)

During training in his treehouse, Hawkodile is still unable to shake the feelings of Dr. Fox. Talking to a drawing of the doctor that he has hidden away, Hawkodile confesses his feelings to it, as his streaming-out hearts create a giant heart that starts to crush him, much to his confusion and desperation.

Crushing Defeat (20)

The next morning, as Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Richard eat waffles, Hawkodile, smaller than he normally is, sits down in irritation. Despite insisting that he is okay, Dr. Fox's calls as she enters the room cause him to blush again, creating another gigantic hart that starts to crush him down more, something Unikitty and Puppycorn pick up on, though they only think Hawkodile got a new haircut. Dr. Fox is the one to pick up that Hawkodile has a crush, something he tries to deny. While Unikitty pesters her bodyguard on who it is, Hawkodile angrily insists that he will be fine, though Dr. Fox says otherwise, as not only will his symptoms increase, he will continue to shrink under the weight of his crush, much to his horror. Dr. Fox suggests some experiments in the lab with just her, which creates his giant love heart again, crushing him more as he insists the experiments are not necessary. As Dr. Fox leaves, Unikitty insists that she, Puppycorn, and Richard help with his feelings.

First, Puppycorn helps Hawkodile, something the prince is excited for, as he normally is taught by Hawkodile, but now he gets to teach Hawkodile things. As Hawkodile bemoans how confused he is, and asks what he should do, Puppycorn suggests what he does, which normally means eating an object that he likes. Hawkodile points out that he likes someone, not somebody, which Puppycorn realizes that it is probably illegal to eat someone. Soon, Hawkodile hears Dr. Fox and Unikitty joking in the hallway, which ones again causes his gigantic heart to crush him, as the bodyguard excuses himself.

Pushing out of the prince's room through the wall, he ends up meeting with Richard, who proclaims himself as the "castle's resident expert on all things romance". Explaining that he holds a torch for his own beloved, Richard shows Hawkodile a portrait of a brick girl that looks surprisingly like Richard, something that shocks Hawkodile, as he had no clue that Richard had a girlfriend. Richard admits that they have never met each other, and he has only seen her through the window of the castle, but their love is real. While Hawkodile is confused that the two have never spoken, Richard simply states that Hawkodile has a lot to learn about love, grabbing some materials from a drawer, which he instructs Hawkodile to use to make a dedicated formal declaration before he even talks to his crush. This irritates Hawkodile, who leaves in the middle of Richard's explanation.

Crushing Defeat (29)

In the hallway, Hawkodile encounters Dr. Fox again. Dr. Fox notices Hawkodile's continued shrinking, and suggests an emergency heart transplant, which Hawkodile hastily refuses as he quickly hides, causing Dr. Fox to simply leave. This creates three giant hearts, which crush down on Hawkodile even more.

Hawkodile, now even smaller than Unikitty, is approached by the princess on the balcony. While Unikitty comments how cute her bodyguard now is, Hawkodile is distraught on how to tell his crush that he is in "love-like" with them. Unikitty says it is easy, as she tells everyone that she loves them all the time, demonstrating with an apple, a cloud, Dino Dude, Tigerlope, and then the whole kingdom. She even admits her love to the cupcake monster, who is now bandaged up from the previous fight.

Crushing Defeat (34)

Unfortunately, the monster does not share this love, roaring at Unikitty to prepare for an attack. This alerts Hawkodile, who attempts to fight the monster, but he is now too short to, causing the monster to attack him when he is down. Uniktty attempts to get the monster to stop, as she and Hawkodile were having a conversation. When the monster continues, she shifts into Angry Kitty, demanding that he stop, as Hawkodile has a lot of emotions going on thanks to having a crush. This causes the monster to not only stop, but taunt Hawkodile about his emotions, as he leaves, laughing. Even though Hawkodile is physically okay, he is not okay with the fact that he is unable to protect Unikitty at this size, failing his job as a bodyguard. He requests a leave of absence to think by himself.

Crushing Defeat (48)

Singing a song that expresses his feelings to Dr. Fox, Hawkodile rides his motorcycle through the town and attempts to spar in his treehouse, but he is too small for both of these things now. He flies up to the roof of the castle, where Dr. Fox already is, much to his horror. While Dr. Fox plans to watch the meteor shower, Hawkodile makes up a lie about being there to punch "stuff or things". As an entire pile of hearts drops down on Hawkodile, Dr. Fox quickly rescues him, and scans him to reveal that his crush levels are critical now. At this point, Hawkodile has to tell his crush how he feels immediately, or he could possibly crush away into nothing. Hawokodile is terrified, worried that Dr. Fox would not want to listen, but Dr. Fox gives him the idea to "pretend" she is his crush, and practice on her. Though nervous, Hawkodile composes a beautiful and heartfelt speech to Dr. Fox. While it seems like she believed it to be about her, it turns out she was just looking at the meteor shower. Distracted by the meteor shower, she does not realize Hawkodile is growing back to his normal size. The bodyguard leaves, while Dr. Fox briefly forgets what the two were talking about.

Crushing Defeat (54)

The next morning, Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr. Fox, Hawkodile, and Richard enjoy cupcakes together, while Unikitty notes that he is back to normal. Dr. Fox asks Hawkodile, now that it is all behind him, who his crush was. Stammering and sweating up a storm, Hawkodile lies and claims FeeBee was his crush, as she is the first person to pass. Dr. Fox believes this, much to Hawkodile's relief. FeeBee, however, also believes this, and is enamored that Hawkodile has finally noticed her, only to be crushed by her own gigantic heart.


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Background Characters

Broadcast Information

This episode aired on January 1, 2018 on Cartoon Network in the United States, and received a total of 859,000 viewers.[3] It also aired on March 7, 2018 in the United Kingdom.




Memorable Quotes

Richard: I am not a fan of Dr. Fox’s new cupcake recipe.
Puppycorn: I dunno. I thought it tasted pretty good!
Unikitty: Yeah...Until it tried to eat us!
Hawkodile: Dr. Fox, it’s like you singed my heart with a flamethrower! No one can know how weak you make me feel!
Dr. Fox: Oh, my! No, no! It appears Hawkodile has a crush!
Unikitty: He’s got a crush?!
Hawkodile: I do! I mean, no way!
Dr. Fox: If you want, you can join me in the lab for some one-on-one experiments.
Hawkodile: Uh, no! Not necessary!
Hawkodile: Puppycorn, this is different. I like someone, not something.
Puppycorn: Hmm. I don’t think you can eat a person. That’s probably illegal.
Richard: I have carried a torch for my own beloved for many years.
Hawkodile: You have a girlfriend?
Richard: You might say that…
Cupcake monster: You’re out of touch with your emotions!
Dr. Fox: Did you come up here to admire the meteor shower, too? It’s going to be amazing!
Hawkodile: Uh, I came up here to…punch stuff. Or, things. Uh…yeah. (Hearts start to pour out of him.) I came up here to punch stuff or things.
Hawkodile: How…how do I begin to tell you that beneath my massive chest, there’s a raging battle of emotion! You take my breath away like a flying bicycle kick to the solar plexus. My deadly little mushroom cloud, you exploded my heart and rebuilt me into something new! You and me, together we’d make a great team.
FeeBee: He finally noticed me!


Crushing Defeat (1)
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