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Crankybeard is a Frowntown citizen, and Brock's father. He complains about everything.

His voice actor is Eric Bauza.


Crankybeard is a bearded, grey-blue, dome-shaped old man with one peg on the top of his head. He wears glasses and a dark blue shirt. He walks with a cane, and one of his legs has been replaced with a prosthetic wheel.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Crankybeard is one of only a few characters in the series to possess visible Lego pegs.
  • In Master Frown's "Trapped In The Tower" flashback, he can be seen with two legs, instead of his wheel prosthesis.
  • Crankybeard may be divorced, or possibly a widower:
    • Brock mentions a 'Mama Brock' in "Dinner Apart-y", but this character is never seen.
    • In "Best Best Friends", Brock tells Master Frown to "send my (Brock's) comic books to my Dad's house", implying that Crankybeard lives alone.

Crankybeard and Brock

Crankybeard in his sailor clothes.

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