(The espiode starts with a heap of garbage as Unikitty flies over it, looking quite saddened)

Unikitty: Trash day, such a sad holiday (Starts turning blue, as she switches over to her Sad Kitty form with sparkle matter flying out of her) And yet we observe it ever single week.

(She flies over to a pile of trash, who also look down in the dumps)

Unikitty: Out with the old, (tears welling up) once the magic is gone.

(The trash pile sighs, with Unikitty afterwards, she flies to her right and hits something with 'pixie dust' coming out of it)

Unikitty: (coughing) Huh what's all this? Pixie dust (touching a piece) the magic must be still in this one!

(As the dust clears, we get to see to what appears to be a very old chair)