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Chair is the twenty-sixth episode in the first season of Unikitty!.

The episode aired on June 4, 2018.


The Futon Critic

Unikitty finds an old, beat-up recliner on the curb, but sees its inner beauty and brings it home to introduce to the gang! In a series of absurd and fun vignettes, we discover how a dirty, inanimate chair comes into each of their lives and changes them for the better.[2]


When Unikitty finds an old chair on the curb, she sees its inner beauty and brings it home.

Everyone sees it as a old chair at first, But they soon grow attached. Dr. Fox discovers a new element. Hawkodile perfects his back flip. Puppycorn sees the chair do the coolest thing hes seen all day. Richard continues to see it as a old chair. After siting in it finally, the states that its comfy before it explodes.

The death is traumatic and sickening, with a funeral following. Afterward, Richard states that they need to stop bringing in furniture. The camera zooms out to revival a centenary full of chairs and benches.


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  • Aladdin - During her daydream fantasy sequence, Unikitty and Chair fly through a nighttime lakeside location reminiscent of scenes from the "A Whole New World" sequence from the 1992 animated film.


  • This is the first episode in the TV series where Unikitty's green 'Queasy' form is shown.
  • Dr. Fox wears the same spacesuit she wears in 'Scary Tales'.

Broadcast Information

This episode first aired on June 4 on Cartoon Network in the United States. Initially, it was scheduled to premiere on May 4, but it was delayed for unknown reasons.


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