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Richard: Ah,fresh baked cookies, just like Gam-Gam used to make.

*Unikitty,Puppycorn,Dr.Fox and Hawkodile crash though the kitchen wall*

Unikitty: Hi Richard, were back from our monthly Spending Spreeeeee!

Richard: You guys go on a spending spree every month?

Unikitty: Yeah,we told you about it this morning.

*Unikitty, Puppycorn, Dr.Fox, & Hawkodile speak gibberish and Richard sinks though the wall*

Hawkodile: Check out my new ride! Its super safe cause super expensive!

*Hawkodile crashes the car though a wall and a airbag deploys*

Hawkodile: Safe!

Dr.Fox: And I bought a gold fusion reactor! Only 2 billion dollars!

Puppycorn: And I bought gold cookies!

Richard: But I just baked normal cookies.

Puppycorn: Yeah, but these are gold.

*Puppycorn breaks his teeth*

Puppycorn: Good thing I also got gold teeth!

Richard: These are all extremely irresponsible purchases.

Unikitty: Ah, Don't worry Rick, I spent my money on charity!

Richard: Oh wow, that's good to hear.

Unikitty: And bought every citizen a scratch-off ticket! This ones yours!

*waves ticket in front of Richard*

Richard: Princess, I think you should be more responsible with your money. Maybe, instead of giving it all away you can save it.

Unikitty: Ah, what now?

Richard: By not spending it and keeping it safe, like in a safe.

Unikitty: Its fine Rick, we get all the money from the golden goose and her magic golden eggs!

Golden Goose: Honk!

Unikitty: Hi Golden Goose! Thanks for all the golden money eggs! Where all out of cash though. Can you lay more?

Golden Goose: Honk!

*The goose pukes up a gold egg*

Unikitty: This it?

Golden Goose: Honk!

Richard: Oh my, the goose says shes all out of gold!

Golden Goose: Honk!

Richard: You spent your money too frivolously and she can't keep up.

Golden Goose: Honk.

Richard: She says,

Golden Goose: honk. honk. honk. honk .honk

Richard: *gasps* No more golden eggs until you all learn the value of money.

Everyone Except Rick And The Goose: NONONONONONONONO!

Unikitty: But Rick, how are we going to buy stuff?

Richard: I'm afraid without golden eggs you'll have to get money the hard way. By getting JOBS.

*everyone gasps*

Unikitty: Pfff,it would be way more fun to make our own business instead. How hard can it be? Will just sell, stuff. Liiiiike, cookies! Everybody loves cookies!

*everyone cheers*

Unikitty: Come on gang, Lets go do some Business!

*cut to an abandoned building*

Everyone: Business! Business! Business!

Unikitty: Ah, this looks like a nice place to sell cookies

*a man walks out of the building*

Excuse me sir, But can we buy your store to sell cookies.

*Unikitty hold up the egg from before*

The Man: Its all yours im rich! Later losers!

Unikitty: Yah! Ok, First things first. Rick, you can be our mascot, Grandma Richard! Who draws in customers with her old lady charm!

Richard: Princess, don't you think a mascot is to flashy for a new business?

Unikitty: Haha, good stuff! You sound like a grandma already!

Puppycorn: Oh,Oh,Oh, can i bake cookies?

Unikitty: No can do bro, you'd eat them all.

Puppycorn: That's true.

Unikitty: You can be in charge of all the money we make!

Puppycorn: Cha-Ching!

Unikitty: Dr. Fox, Hawkodille, you two can bake the cookies.

Dr. Fox: Woo hoo! Baking is basically chemistry.

Hawkodille: With fire!

Unikitty: Perfect, and i'll be the CEO

Puppycorn: What dat?

Unikitty: Cat Executive, Obviously. Come on gang, This will be a piece of cake

*everyone gets in uniform*

Richard (Dressed As Grandma): I am not comfortable with this.

Unikitty: Go get em grandma rick! Your gonna do great!

Richard: Old lady charm? This will never work.

*a old man approaches richard*

Old Timey Mustache Man: What a charming old lady!

Richard: Really?

*Richard gets handed some cards*

Richard: Uh, I mean, Greetings young whipper snapper. Would you care one of grandma rick's fresh baked grandma cookies?

Old Timey Mustache Man: Would I?! Grandma cookies are the best kind!

Richard: Then come relax with a cookie in my calm, cozy, new cookie shop.

*cut to the shop*





Old Timey Mustache Man: Uh, Hello!

*Unikitty And Puppycorn gasp*

Unikitty: Be right with you!

*goes into kitchen*

*explosion noise*


*comes out of kitchen*

Unikitty: Hi, Welcome to Grandma Richard's Cookie Corner! What can we get for you today?

Old Timey Mustache Man: I'll have 1 cookie please

Unikitty: 1 cookies coming right up!

*Hawkodille screams and fire extinguisher noises*

Hawkodille: Order up.

Puppycorn: That'll be 1 dollar por vavor!

Old Timey Mustache Man: Oh, Ah...

*everyone waits in anticipation*


*more anticipation*


*he finally eats the cookie*

Old Timey Mustache Man: Oh, This is the best ding dang cookie i ever tasted! I'll give you 200 dollars for a cookie this good!

Everyone: Whaaaaaaaaaa?

*old man starts raining money*

Richard: Wow, what happened?

Puppycorn: Yo, we just made 200 bucks!

*everyone cheers*

Richard: I can't believe that just happened.

Unikitty: Me too, earning money is a lot harder than I thought.

Hawkodille: Seriously, who knew owning a company could be such a fire hazard?

*puts out his head on fire*

Dr. Fox: I definitely like getting those golden eggs better.

Unikitty: I think the golden goose is gonna be pretty proud of us! I think you will be to Rick, after you see...


*Cut to the safe covered with a cloth*

Unikitty: I used our 200 bucks and bought us...

*Unikitty takes the cloth off the safe*

A safe! to saaaaave all the money where about to make!

Everyone: Woooooooah!

*cut to a cookie making machine*

FeeBee: I herd the cookies here where 200 dollars?

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