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Career Day is a twenty-seventh episode in the second season of Unikitty!.

It first aired on February 28, 2019.


After an excessive spending spree, the Golden Goose tells the gang it won't give them any more golden eggs until they learn the value of money. Following Rick's advice to save money, the gang open a cookie shop to make money on their own and save it in a huge vault.


We open with Richard baking cookies like his Gam-Gam used to. The rest of the gang crash though the kitchen in a fancy car after there monthly spending spree. Richard questions this but the gang show him there new stuff. Hawkodille bought a car which he crashes though the wall to prove its safety. Dr. Fox bought a gold reactor. Puppycorn bought gold cookies and teeth, and Unikitty bought scratch off tickets. When Richard tells her to save, Unikitty shows him there goose they gives them gold eggs. Richard translates the goose can't give them eggs any more and says they have to get jobs. They decide to sell cookies.

After they buy a building from a man, they open a cookie shop called "Grandma Richards" with Richard as there mascot, Hawkodile and Dr. Fox baking the cookies, Puppycorn at the cash register, and Unikitty as the CEO (Cat Executive, Obviously). Running the store goes south quick, with fires and no one knowing what to do. When there first costumer tries there cookies, he gives them $200. The gang contemplate the extreme effort to make that one cookie. Unikitty uses the money to buy a safe to save there money.

The business does extremely well. The goose comes back and gives them a giant egg. Unikitty tries to save the egg in the overfilled safe. The room fills with money and they will drown. Richard snaps and ends up spending all the money on paintings, shoes, stars, and scratch-off tickets. After Unikitty realizes there broke, the goose comes back and starts raining eggs.


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This episode aired on February 28, 2019 on Cartoon Network in the United States.


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