The following is a list of Brock’s different designs seen in Unikitty!.


Apron brock
  • First seen: "Stuck Together"
  • Second seen: "Dinner Apart-y"
  • Notable features: Brock, while making cookies, wears this outfit. It is a purple apron with a darker purple band and frills on the bottom, along with yellow oven mitts with green elastic armbands on them.

Ghost Halloween costume

  • First seen: "Scary Tales"
  • Notable features: Brock, while trick-or-treating, wears a white mask with a round hole for his mouth. It
    has a black strap. He is dressed up as a ghost, and has a jack-o-lantern bucket in his hand.

Master Frown's Hands On Head


  • First Seen: "Unfairgrounds"
  • Notable Freatures: