Brock is an antagonistic character in Unikitty! who lives with Master Frown. He is voiced by H. Michael Croner.

Personality and Traits

Brock is a grey tombstone-shaped creature. He lacks legs, and he has small rectangular arms that float off of his body. He has lime green sclera and eyebrows that float off of his body. He also has one eye bag.

Other looks

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Brock, in contrast to Master Frown, is a chill and calm person. Not much is able to phase him, and he appears to hold no ill will towards the citizens of the Unikingdom.

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Brock is Master Frown’s roommate, but he’s too lazy and chill to be much of a bad guy. Brock would rather hang around the apartment playing video games than bothering Unikitty™, but sometimes he’ll tag along with Master Frown™. He’s easy-going and laid back; the only time he gets angry is when Master Frown forgets his chores.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Totally, dude. Great excuse to stay indoors and climb the leaderboard. I could use a player two!" -Brock, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "Man, it hit hard! They said the blizzard hit everywhere for miles." -Brock, No Day Like Snow Day
  • "What?! Jeez, you don’t have to yell! Oh, hey, Unikitty!" -Brock, Stuck Together
  • "Aw, thank you! I have been baking! You wanna cookie?" -Brock, Stuck Together
  • "Dude, I just wanna share the bounty! They’re my world-famous gooey chocolate chip. The ones you love so much?" -Brock, Stuck Together
  • "Uh, something like “hey, it’s me, your boss. I’m really mad at you…’cause you never do the dishes”! I’m just kidding, I made up that last part." -Brock, Stuck Together
  • "But, what they actually said, was that you’re late for a meeting, or something. And then they hissed, and I got scared, so I hung up." -Brock, Stuck Together
  • "Yeah, these meetings always take forever, so gotta pack some snacks! You want one?" -Brock, Stuck Together
  • "Yeah, I don’t think we look frumpy!" -Brock, Stuck Together
  • "It just seems like kinda a negative workplace?" -Brock, Stuck Together
  • "Oops! Dropped my juice box!" -Brock, Stuck Together
  • "Uh, see you at home, man! Bye!" -Brock, Stuck Together



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