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(The episode starts out showing a zoomed-in picture of Dr. Fox, a red light glinting off of her lab coat and glasses. She raises both of her arms in the air)

Dr. Fox: FRIENDS! I have called you here to unveil my GREATEST INVENTION YET!

(The camera zooms out to reveal an object under a tarp behind her. She has two robots on either side of her who are watching with surprised faces. Confetti blows from behind the tarp while making loud blowhorn noises. Her friends are watching closely from a distance. The screen then cuts to Unikitty and Puppycorn, the latter gasping and jumping up and down)

Puppycorn: Is it soup?

(Screen cuts to Dr. Fox, who adjusts her glasses)

Dr. Fox: No, that's already a thing.

Puppycorn: Oh, yeah. Right.

(Dr. Fox pulls back the tarp, revealing a large robot)

Dr. Fox: BEHOLD!

(Screen cuts to Unikitty and Puppycorn, both with shocked expression)

Unikitty: WHOA! It's so shiny!

Puppycorn: Metal man!

(Richard then floats down in front of the two)

Richard: Wow.

(Screen pans over to Hawkodile, who looks very upset)

Hawkodile: (angrily) What is THAT?


(The Decimator puts his guards up, then starts punching has he moves around in a circle)

Dr. Fox: My best chance at winning this year's Atomic Battle Royale!

(The Decimator stops punching, then puts his hands on his hips. The screen cuts to a chalkboard drawing of four figures, all wearing shiny glasses)

Dr. Fox: The most prestigious gathering of the words top minds.

(The chalkboard then shows a trophy labeled "Ultimate Smart Person")

Dr. Fox: Where we battle to win the Ultimate Smart Person Award!

(Two drawn-on robots appear on the board and start fighting)

Dr. Fox: By making robots punch each other.

(An explosion goes off and the screen switches to a view of Richard and the Decimator)

Richard: It's like a stronger, faster Hawkodile...

(The Decimator pulls out two saws from behind his back)

Richard: ...with dangerous metal weapons!

Dr. Fox: This year the trophy is mine! Decimator is the greatest fighter in the world!

(The Decimator jumps into a fighting stance as Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Richard all gape at it)

Hawkodile: 'Greatest fighter in the world'? ARE YOU JOKING?

Dr. Fox: I would never joke about robot fighting.

Hawkodile: Pfft! You can't teach a tin-can to fight! It takes honor! And muscles! ...Mostly muscles!

Decimator: Hey, no hard feelings. Give me five.

(He puts his hand out, gesturing for Hawkodile to give him a high five. The latter, still suspicious about the robot, gives him a high-five anyways. Before Hawkodile's hand could touch the Decimator's, the robot pulls his hand away)

Decimator: Psyche. Too slow.

(One of Dr. Fox's small robots comes up to the Decimator, wearing a large blue hat and green sunglasses)

Robot: Oh, sick burn.

Hawkodile: (gasps) That was a sick burn!

Dr. Fox: It can calculate complex burns in milliseconds!

Unikitty: I'll hand it to you, Dr. Fox, this thing is pretty impressive! I bet it'd even make a great extra bodyguard!

Hawkodile: Pfft! Yeah, right! If you really wanted to win, you'd have me fight for you, 'cuz everyone knows I'm the best fighter around!

Dr. Fox: That would be illogical.

(The screen pans over to a scale with Hawkodile on it. The Decimator jumps on the other side, which sends Hawkodile flying off screen)

Dr. Fox: At fourteen metric tons, Decimator is a little out of your weight class.

(Screen pans back to Hawkodile)

Hawkodile: NO WAY! I could run circles around that thing!

(Screen cuts to Dr. Fox, who adjusts her glasses again)

Dr. Fox: Mmm, doubtful.

(The screen pans over to a cutscene of Decimator running)

Dr. Fox: Decimator's top speed is mock seven.

(The robot starts spinning in a circle, punching and breaking a huge hole through a wall)

Dr. Fox: He's got a super-sonic punch that can't be stopped!

(Screen cuts back to Hawkodile)

Hawkodile: He sounds like a show-off. Real fighters gotta look cool in battle.

(The screen zooms in on Hawkodile's face and his sunglasses shine as he chuckles)

Dr. Fox: Oh, Decimator is very cool. In fact, his shades are 200% shinier than yours.

(The Decimator's sunglasses beam brighter then Hawkodile's, which shines a huge light in his eyes. Hawkodile groans, waving his arms frantically in the air, then shields his face from the light. Screen then cuts to Dr. Fox, who jumps on the Decimator's leg and hugs it tight)

Dr. Fox: Now, who wants to see Decimator shoot a missile out of his face!

(Unikitty, Puppycorn, and Richard all cheer as the Decimator flies away, carrying all four of them with it. After they leave, Hawkodile moans and walks away sadly. Unikitty then pops into view, smiling)

Unikitty: Hawk, you comin'?

(She notices he looks sad and her happy expression soon fades)

Unikitty: Hey, are you alright?

Hawkodile: (upset) I'm fine! I'm definitely not insulted that Dr. Fox thinks her stupid robot is a better fighter than me!

Unikitty: I think she meant it was a better robot than you, because you're not a ro-


(Hawkodile falls to his knees, still upset)

Unikitty: If Dr. Fox hurt your feelings, you need to talk to her and tell her how you feel.

Hawkodile: NEVER! The only way I'll ever feel better is by beating the Decimator in that tournament! If only I was a robot... then I could show her! Ugh, what am I gonna do?!

(He angrily punches some leftover scrap metal laying on the floor and a gear rolls out of the pile. It rolls under Unikitty's feet, who is hovering a few yards above the ground. Unikitty gasps, the image of the gear flashing inside of her eyes. She dives down, picking up the gear, then flies back over to Hawkodile)

Unikitty: If that's the only way you'll feel better, than I think I have an idea!

(A montage then starts: Unikitty picks up some of the leftover scrap metals, flying away. The screen cuts to her hammering two metal plates together, then she pulls a visor down and a lighter out, lighting the plates on fire. She sticks a helmet a turquoise-blue helmet on Hawkodile, screwing it on tight. The screen cuts to Hawkodile, now in a full robot costume, and Unikitty has a drill in her hand. Hawkodile gasps as she drills into the side of his armor, spinning her around in a circle. The screen then pans over to her holding the gear as she paints a rainbow on it. She giggles as she puts the last piece of the costume on Hawkodile, covering up his tail. Unikitty wipes some sweat off of her brow, letting out a sigh in relief. The screen cuts to Hawkodile, now dressed in the entire outfit, as he gets into a fighting stance and pumps his fist into the air. Unikitty pulls out a bucket and sprinkles some glitter on him, proud of her creation)

Unikitty: Now you can fight in the Atomic Battle Royale!

Hawkodile: Whoa! Check me out! I'M FIERCE!

(Unikitty throws her hands into the air, tossing the bucket backwards)

Unikitty: And pretty! We should call you...

(She spins in a circle as a purple background appears behind her)

Unikitty: ...Cuddle Buddy!

(The screen cuts to Hawkodile, and the background disappears and shows an image of Dr. Fox's lab instead)

Hawkodile: Uhh... Yeah... I was thinking more like...

(A fiery background appears behind him as smoke comes out of his ears)

Hawkodile: METAL LORD 3000!

(Screen cuts to Unikitty, still with the purple background behind her)

Unikitty: Whoopsie!

(Screen cuts to Hawkodile, the background changing again, and he jumps into the air and kicks)


(Screen cuts to Unikitty, who is now hugging herself. The background shifts once more)

Unikitty: Happy the Hug Robot!

(Screen cuts to Hawkodile, who has his hands in the air. The background changes again)


(Unikitty flies over to him, the background disappearing and only showing the view of Dr. Fox's lab. Hawkodile's arms go down)

Unikitty: Boop Bot?

(She touches his helmet)

Unikitty: Boop!

(Hawk's arms go back in the air and he hits Unikitty, knocking her back)

Hawkodile: SOUL CRUSHER!

(Unikitty stops herself from going back any further and lets out a small yell)

Unikitty: Let's split the difference and call you... BRAWL BOT!

(Hawkodile jumps in the air happily and Unikitty hovers closer to him)

Hawkodile: I like it! BRAWL BOT IT IS!

(He whacks Unikitty again, sending her back and she screams. The screen then zooms into Hawkodile's face and he grins)

Hawkodile: Let's go show these nerds how to fight!

(The screen cuts to a fighting rink, fans filling the bleachers surrounding it. The screen moves closer to the rink, showing a spider-like robot and a dinosaur-like robot inside. The screen pans upward, showing a monitor with the entire tournament laid out, like what battles will be taking place and who will be fighting who. The screen cuts to a zoomed-in picture of the monitor, showing an image of the spider robot and one of the dinosaur right next to each other. A speech bubble appears in the middle of both of the pictures, the displaying the word "VS" in the middle. The screen cuts to a view of some of the fans on the bleachers, cheering for the robot fight. Two of those fans are Puppycorn and Richard, and the latter is looking around at everyone anxiously)

Puppycorn: This is SO COOL!

Richard: This is so dangerous!

(The spider robot steps up closer to the dinosaur, screeching at it. The dinosaur then spits fire in return, and they both start to fight. A huge explosion then happens and the screen cuts to Dr. Fox and the Decimator)

Dr. Fox: 'Scuse me, Decimator comin' through!

(Screen cuts to the door, Hawkodile and Unikitty coming out of it. Unikitty is dressed like a surgical doctor)

Unikitty: Wow, my first science conference!

(She flies closer to the rink, Hawkodile slowly following from behind)

Unikitty: I wonder what kind of great minds will be gathered here!

(The dinosaur grabs the spider, lighting it on fire and it explodes. The screen then cuts to the view of the fans. All of them, excluding Richard, are still cheering for the fight. One of the legs from the spider lands on an audience member, everyone gasping at it. After a few seconds, they start cheering louder and Richard looks even more scared than he did before. The screen pans back to Hawkodile and Unikitty, who were now sitting down to avoid getting hurt by any other scrap metals that might go flying out of the rink)

Unikitty: Actually, this doesn't look very scientific...

Hawkodile: You're right. It looks awesome!

Dr. Fox: (offscreen) Unikitty?

(She approaches the two, her robot following. The screen cuts to her and the Decimator)

Dr. Fox: What are you doing here? And why are you dressed like a doctor?

(Screen pans back to Unikitty and Hawkodile)

Unikitty: Uhh... 'cuz I'm Dr. Unikitty, here to battle with science!

(Screen cuts to Dr. Fox)

Dr. Fox: Uhh... I don't think that's the right kind of doctor...

(Screen cuts to Unikitty)

Unikitty: Uhhhhhhhhhh...

(Screen cuts to Dr. Fox and Unikitty continues to say "Uhh". Dr. Fox squints, still confused. Screen pans back to Unikitty and Hawkodile, the latter clearing his throat to get their attention)

Unikitty: Oh! Dr. Fox! Let me introduce you to my entry for the Atomic Battle Royale: Brawl Bot!

(Screen cuts to Dr. Fox, even more confused than she was before)

Dr. Fox: YOU made a fighting robot? But... Decimator took me years to complete!

(Unikitty rushes over to her, grabbing Dr. Fox's head and pushing it against hers)

Unikitty: (laughing nervously) Just good at it, I guess. Say hi, Brawl Bot!

(Screen cuts to Hawkodile, who is doing robot-like moves with his arms)

Hawkodile: Beep, bop, boop. That's robot for nice to meet ya.

(Screen cuts back to Dr. Fox and Unikitty)

Unikitty: Robot, don't you have something to say to Dr. Fox?

(Unikitty eyes Dr. Fox, then looks back at Hawkodile continuously)

Hawkodile: Mmm.... Nope!

(The Decimator pushes Unikitty and Dr. Fox out of the way and stomps over to Hawkodile. He pokes his armor and Hawkodile gets an angry expression on his face)

Decimator: Brawl Bot? More like, 'Brawl Not'.

(The small robot from earlier rolls over to them)

Robot: Oh, sick burn.

Hawkodile: I see you use your big mouth to express yourself.

(He spins the Decimator's head around, then punches his palm)

Hawkodile: That's funny, because I use my robo-fists!

(Their chest armor pieces clash and they stare at each other angrily. Unikitty flies in the middle of both of them, pushing Hawkodile away)

Unikitty: OK! Save it for the ring, guys!

(They continue to walk away, but Hawkodile turns around and glares at the Decimator one last time. The screen then cuts to the leaderboard, showing a small bunny-like robot was going against a bigger, blue one. The blue one stomps towards it, making it bounce when it got close enough. The bunny yelps, running under its legs. The blue one punches the ground where the bunny was, making a large hole in it. The bunny opens it's mouth, pulling out a ton of metal weapons, and starts cutting off its opponent's arm using a large saw. The screen cuts to Hawkodile and Unikitty, the latter having broken-heart shaped blush marks on her cheeks and looking sadly at the fight, her eyes sparkling. She turns to Hawkodile, who is cheering)

Hawkodile: YEAH!

Unikitty: Hey, Hawkodile, I mean... umm... 'Brawl Bot'. I know this means a lot to you, but are you sure you wanna do this? It looks kinda-

Hawkodile: COOL!

Unikitty: Insanely dangerous.

Hawkodile: I think you're being a little dramatic.

(They look forward, both screaming, and they duck as the blue robot's arm goes flying above their heads. The screen cuts to the bunny, who had ripped off the blue robot's head and eats it, burping out fire. The screen cuts back to Hawkodile and Unikitty)

Unikitty: I still think you should talk to her. Just be careful out there, OK?

Hawkodile: Don't worry! I'm the greatest fighter in the world, remember?

(He jumps into a rink, landing in a fighting stance. The screen pans to the leaderboard, which now shows that Hawkodile and the bunny are going against each other. The bunny opens its mouth, revealing the weapons again. Hawkodile jumps forward, hitting the saw and breaking it. He looks up, doing an uppercut and breaking its chainsaw coming to hit his head. He lunges backwards, dodging the sword coming at him. The bunny starts shooting lasers at him, who dodges them with ease, then kicks the bunny off of the stage)

Hawkodile: Haha!

(The bunny explodes offscreen)

Hawkodile: See that, Dr. Fox? That's what I'm gonna do to that fancy trash compactor you call a robot!

(The screen pans to Dr. Fox, who adjusts her glasses and glares at Hawkodile)

Dr. Fox: Well, we shall see.

Hawkodile: I'm coming for you, Decimator!