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Puppycorn: Let I said that not a fish that's my grandma, hahah... Hey Unikitty, can I see my surprise now?

Unikitty: Sure, Puppycorn.

Puppycorn: Woooooow, a rock?

Unikitty: Hahaha.. no, that's not your surprise, THIS is..., Hawkodile, Richard, the citizen: Happy birthday!! Woo-hoo!

Puppycorn: Woooow! A birthday? Happy birthday, sis.

Unikitty: No silly, it's YOUR birthday.

Puppycorn: Woooow! MY birthday?!

Unikitty: Check it out! I got all your favourite things: a super truck ramp,

Hawkodile: Happy birthday, Puppycorn!

Unikitty: ...a super chocolate fountain in the shape of your head,

Dr. Fox: Happy birthday!

Unikitty: ...and my favourite: a super bouncy bouncy castle with extra bouncy bounce!

Puppycorn: Wow sis, this is the best thing ever!

Unikitty: It's about to get even better!

With your birthday cake~~♪!

And on this birthday cake, there is a birthday candle, and when you blow it out, you can make a birthday wish~♪!

Puppycorn: Really?

Unikitty: You can wish for anything you want.

Puppycorn: Anything?

Unikitty: Anything~!

Puppycorn: Anything?

Unikitty: ANYTHING. It's the way of the ancient birthday law.

Puppycorn: I'm gonna wish a..

Unikitty: (Interrupts him) No, Puppycorn, you can't say it out loud.

Puppycorn: But all I want is a- But a- It's just a-

Unikitty: You can't say your wish out loud, or it won't come true. That's part of the ancient birthday law too. Now let's go party, I've invite everyone in the kingdom

Puppycorn: Wait, everyone?

Master Frown: Well well well (...)

Puppycorn: Master Frown, he's such a jerk. Why'd you invite him?

Unikitty: It would've been rude to leave him out.

Brock: Ooh, snacks.

Master Frown: This party really, pop it!.

Puppycorn: Oh man sis, he's ruining the party.

Hawkodile: (...)

Unikitty: No, not today.

Hawkodile: Very good.

Unikitty: We'll just make him feel more welcome.

Master Frown: Give me.

Unikitty: Hey Master Frown, thanks for help celebrate Puppycorn birthday.

Master Frown: Of course, this is great. One more year of your life speeding by.

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