Bim-Bom Liebowitz is a green garbage bag, or possibly a dumpling. Her voice actor is H. Michael Croner (when speaking), and Roger Craig Smith (when coughing).

Physical Appearance

Bim-Bom's body resembles a green bag or sack. She is tied up at the top in a knotted bow. She has stubby arms that are attached into her body. She has small dotted eyes with a single eyelash in each, along with chubby cheeks with permanent blush lines.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • Bim-Bom served on the jury in "Kitty Court."
  • Bim-Bom was a contestant on "Third Degree Love Burns" ("Unikitty News!"). Her chyron describes her as "Some sort of bag or dumpling or something".
  • Bim-Bom's last name 'Liebowitz' was revealed in "Tooth Trouble".
  • Because she appears to have a soft body, it's unclear how Bim-Bom would be built from Lego bricks.
  • The Disney animated series "The Owl House" features a green, bindle-style bag that strongly resembles Bim-Bom.[1]


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