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Best Best Friends is the eighteenth episode in the third season of Unikitty!.


Master Frown and Brock attend a friendship-themed competition intending to ruin it for everyone else, but soon discover their own friendship in need of repair.


Master Frown and Brock are sitting on the couch and watching TV. Master Frown is enjoying the channel, but Brock is annoyed and complains that they have been watching it all day. Master Frown repeatedly changes channels until it shows a bunny playing an electric guitar. Brock exclaims that it's is favorite song and starts singing along with the channel. Master Frown is annoyed by this and changes the channel again. Unikitty is on the channel, and introduces the "Best Best Friends Competition". Puppycorn explains what the competition is about and Unikitty shows the prize, which is a handmade trophy made by Puppycorn. Unikitty asks if Puppycorn made it, and Puppycorn says yes.

Brock is excited and tells Master Frown that he wants to win it. Master Frown is also excited, and says he wants to win to make everyone else losers. Brock reluctantly agrees, and then asks if they're mainly going for friendship. Master Frown says yes sarcastically. Master Frown and Brock proceed to enter the competition. Hawkodile asks Richard if he is ready to show how good his friendship is, but Richard says he only came to clean. Hawkodile exclaims that they will show everyone and attempts to fist bump Richard, resulting in him getting punched in the face instead. Dr. Fox comes and shows her best friend, which she created.

Meanwhile, in the waiting line, Master Frown is talking to Brock about all the other contestants. He exclaims that they have to win, and Brock agrees. He asks Master Frown to fist bump him, but Master Frown says he has no time, and runs off. Brock fist bumps himself. Unikitty comes and welcomes everyone. She explains the rules, and says that friendship keeps the world together. Then she starts the first challenge, which is a race. Everyone is already racing, but Brock is waiting for Master Frown to come back. Master Frown shows him a cage, and opens it, releasing angry possums. They attack all the contestants. Brock says that they should start the race. He shows Master Frown a shirt, and makes him wear it with him. They try to move, but they trip and fall. Brock says he will count down, but Master Frown says he will. They trip and fall again, and Brock complains that he counted too fast. Master Frown angrily responds that he is jumping too fast. The possums come and start attacking them, so they flee the race.

Unikitty says unhappily that no one finished the race. Everyone is arguing with their friend. Unikitty announces the next competition. She says that everyone will take turns eating chicken nuggets. Brock exclaims that it will be easy, but Master Frown is busy pouring hot sauce on every stack of chicken nuggets. Master Frown laughs. Master Frown asks Brock to give him a chicken nugget, but it's spicy so he spits it out and asks why it tastes weird. Brock explains he found the hot sauce and decided to add some to their chicken nuggets as well. Brock asks if he wants more and gives him the whole plate. Master Frown says no, but it's too late and he breathes fire. Unikitty is sad that everyone is breaking their friendship, but says that they will love the last challenge, which is an obstacle course. Feebee is determined to win, but Master Frown activates traps that knock her off a tightrope. He activates more traps which squish Dino Dude and Herbert Sherbert. Master Frown is happy, and Brock asks if he wants to do the obstacle course. Master Frown says he doesn't care about the challenges, and says he only wants to see everyone else lose.

Brock is annoyed and walks away. Everyone is mad at eachother, and Unikitty says that all the competition did was break them up. Suddenly, there is an earthquake because there aren't any more friendships. Dr. Fox says that Unikitty was right. Master Frown laughs but notices Brock sitting with his back turned. Master Frown asks what's wrong, and Brock says he wanted to do the competition because he wanted to have a good time with Master Frown. Brock says he should just move out of their apartment and says he will play videogames at his dad's house instead. Brock leaves, and Master Frown says that he didn't mean to hurt his feelings, but Brock doesn't respond and continues walking away. Master Frown decides to sing Brock's favorite song. They start singing together and completing the obstacle course. Unikitty is super happy, and Puppycorn comments that they're going in. Their friendship level becomes bigger and Hawkodile says it's beautiful. Everyone else reunites with their best friend, and Unikitty says that the competition is working after all. Master Frown and Brock's friendship level explodes, and the world gets fixed by their friendship. Unikitty happily presents them with the trophy, and Brock gives Master Frown another chicken nugget, and he breathes fire while screaming.


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